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unit 4 voc

franks a Germanic tribe that conquered present-day France and neighboring lands in the 400s
secular having to do with worldly, rather than religious, matters; nonreligious
magyars an ethnic group centered in present-day Hungary
fief in medieval Europe, an estate granted by a lord to a vassal in exchange for service and loyalty
vassal in medieval Europe, a lord who was granted land in exchange for service and loyalty to a greater lord
chivalry code of conduct for knights during the Middle Ages
lawi investiture appointment of bishops by anyone who is not a member of the clergy
canon law body of laws of a church
inquistion A Church court set up to try people accused of heresy
crusades a series of wars from the 1000s through 1200s in which European Christians tried to win control of the Holy Land from Muslims
gothic type of European architecture that developed in the Middle Ages, characterized by flying buttresses, ribbed vaulting, thin walls, and high roofs
guild in the Middle Ages, an association of merchants or artisans who cooperated to uphold standards of their trade and to protect their economic interests
three field system