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Med. Term. Elem. M-Z

Med. Term. Elements to know for Utah State Med. Term. Benchmark exam for MA's

andr/o male
mening/o meninges
men/o menses, menstruation
metacarp/o metacarpus (bones of the hand)
medi/o middle
mes/o middle
galact/o milk
lact/o milk
or/o mouth
stomat/o mouth
muc/o mucus
my/o muscle
onych/o nail
ungu/o nail
omphal/o navel, umbilicus
proxim/o near, nearest
cervic/o neck
reticul/o network
neur/o nerve, nervous system
noct/o night
thel/o nipple
troph/o nourishment, development
nas/o nose
rhin/o nose
kary/o nucleus
nucle/o nucleus
presby/o old age
oophor/o ovary
ovari/o ovary
ox/o oxygen
pancreat/o pancreas
parathyroid/o parathyroid glands
patell/o patella (knee cap)
pelv/i pelvis
pelv/o pelvis
perine/o perineum
periton/o periotoneum
phalng/o phalanges (bones of the fingers and toes)
pharyng/o pharynx, throat
pleur/o pleura
toxic/o poison
prostat/o prostate gland
pub/o pubis (part of the hip bone)
sphygm/o pulse
core/o pupil
pupill/o pupil
py/o pus
pylor/o pylorus
radi/o radiation, x-ray
roentegen/o radiation, x-ray
rect/o retum
proct/o rectum, anus
erythem/o red
erythr/o red
pyel/o renal pelvis
retin/o retina
cost/o ribs
rhabd/o rod-shaped (striated)
rhabdomy/o rod-shaped muscle (striated)
squam/o scaly
sacr/o sacrum
immun/o safe
sial/o saliva, salivary glands
home/o same, alike
olig/o scanty, little
vesicul/o seminal vesicle
morph/o shape
later/o side, to one side
sigmoid/o sigmoid colon
cutane/o skin
derm/o skin
dermat/o skin
crani/o skull, cranium
leiomy/o smooth muscle (visceral)
spermat/o sperm
rachi/o spine
myel/o spinal cord, bone marrow
splen/o spleen
staped/o stapes
stern/o sternum
gastr/o stomach
orth/o straight
lith/o stone, calculus
narc/o stupor, numbing
gluc/o sugar
glyc/o sugar
phag/o swallowing, eating
hidr/o sweat
caud/o tail
dacry/o tear, lacrimal sac
cyst/o tear sac, lacrimal sac
dent/o teeth
odont/o teeth
ten/o tendon
tend/o tendon
orch/i testes, testicle
orchi/o testes, testicle
orchid/o testes, testicle
thalm/o thalamus, chamber
femor/o thigh bone
thym/o thymus gland
thyr/o thyroid gland
throid/o thyroid gland
tibi/o tibia (larger, inner bone of lower leg)
hist/o tissue
ton/o tone, tension, pressure
gloss/o tongue
lingu/o tongue
tonsil/o tonsils
trache/o trachea (wind pipe)
myring/o tympanic membrane
tympan/o tympanic membrane
idi/o unknown, peculiar
super/o upper, above
ureter/o ureter
urethra/o urethra
hyster/o uterus
metr/o uterus
uter/o uterus
unr/o urine
colp/o vagina
vagin/o vagina
vas/o vas deferens, vessel
poikil/o varied, irregular
phleb/o vein
ven/o vein
ventricul/o ventricle (of brain or heart)
spondyl/o vertebra (backbone)
vertebr/o vertebra (backbone)
angi/o vessel
vas/o vessel
episi/o vulva
vulv/o vulva
pariet/o wall
aque/o water
hydr/o water
albin/o white
leuc/o white
leuk/o white
gynec/o woman, female
carp/o wrist bones, carpus
cirrh/o yellow
jaund/o yellow
xanth/o yellow
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