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eye drops

glaucoma allergy nsaids etc

Pemirolast Alamast,Alegysal Mast cell stabilizers
Nedocromil Alocril Mast cell stabilizers
Lodoxamide thromethamide Alomide 0.1% Mast cell stabilizers
Cromolyn sodium 4% Crolom, Opticrom Mast cell stabilizers
Mast cell stabilizers-indications? Indications: Vernal,seasonal,atopic kerato/conjunctivitis
Antazoline phosphate Vasocon-A H1 antihistamines - first generation
Pheniramine maleate plus naphazoline HCL (adrenergic agonist) Naphcon-A H1 antihistamines - first generation
H1 antihistamines - first generation Side effects: -ocular discomfort on instillation
Levocabastine Livostin 0.05% H1 antihistamines - first generation
H1 antihistamines - second generation Indications: Allergic conjunctivitis
Olopatadine (Patanol 0.1%)
Ketotifen fumarate (Zaditor 0.025%)
H2 receptors-tissues Gastric parietal cells,Heart Blood vessels,Eyeblood vessels
H1 receptors-tissues Bronchial smoothmusc., Heart,CNS,eye
? Antagonist=Diphenhydramine H1 blocker(not eye drop)
? Antagonist=Loratidine H1 blocker(not eye drop)
?Antagonist=Cimetidine H2 blocker(not eye drop)
?Antagonist=Ranitidine H2 blocker(not eye drop)
Which of the following ophthalmic drugs is an H-1 receptor antagonist only and is used for allergic conjunctivitis? A. Levocabastine B. Ketotifen C. Ketorolac D. Cromolyn sodium
Which of the following ophthalmic drugs is an H-1 receptor antagonist only and is used for allergic conjunctivitis? A. Levocabastine B. Ketotifen C. Ketorolac D. Cromolyn sodium A. Levocabastine (Livostin) Levocabastine (Livostin) is an H-1 antagonist Ketotifen (Zaditor) is a mast cell stabilizer AND H-1 receptor antagonist Ketorolac (Acular) is an NSAID Cromolyn sodium (Crolom, Opticrom) is a mast cell stabilizer
What percentage of patients that have sensitivity to penicillin will have cross-reactivity to cephalosporins? About 10% of patients with penicillin allergy will cross-react, making the use of cephalosporins potentially dangerous Allergic reactions include: Itching, rash, hives, and anaphylactic reaction that can be fatal
Echothiophate Cholinergic agonist
Unoprostone isopropyl Rescula -Prostaglandin -glaucoma
Brinzolamide Azopt
Carteolol (Ocupress)
Non-selective Timolol (Timoptic, Betimol)
Levobunolol (Betagan)Non-selective
Metipranolol (Optipranolol)Non-selective
Betaxolol (Betoptic)β1-selective
β-adrenergic antagonists MOA decreased aqueous production (β2-adrenoceptor at the ciliary body)
Which of the following beta-blockers would be the most effective for someone with mild bronchoconstrictive disease? A. Timolol B. Betaxolol C. Metipranolol D. Levobunolol Betaxolol is B1-selective, a better choice in cases with pulmonary disorders Timolol, metipranolol, and levobunolol are Badrenergic receptor antagonists that are B1/B2- nonselective
Which of the following is not a typical side effect of topical beta-adrenergic antagonists? A. Dry eye B. Corneal anesthesia C. Alopecia D. Tachycardia D. TACHYCARDIA Topical beta blockers SE: Ocular: Corneal anesthesia, ptosis, hypotony, burning, superficial punctate keratitis, dry eye Systemic: Fatigue, psychosis, BRADYCARDIA,syncope, alopecia, nausea, impotence, altered response to hypoglycemia, a
Direct acting cholinergic agonists-name 2 Indirect-acting (irreversible) cholinergic agonists- name 1= inhibition of cholinesterase Pilocarpine Carbachol Echothiophate
All of the following effects are seen when a directacting cholinergic agonist is used except: A. Miosis B. Increase in zonular tension C. Increased outflow facility D. Traction on peripheral retina B. Increase in zonular tension Direct-acting cholinergics include: Pilocarpine,acetylcholine, and carbachol Direct-acting cholinergics cause: Contraction of the iris sphincter, contraction of the circular fibres of the ciliary muscle with RELAXATION of
Glaucoma-Adrenergic α-2 agonists moa Mechanism: α2 stimulation at the ciliary body inhibits norepinephrine release, leading to decrease aqueous production
Glaucoma-Adrenergic α-2 agonists side effects and RxRx Side effects: conjunctival blanching, eyelid retraction, mydriasis, allergy, dry mouth, headache, potentiate MAO inhibitors
Apraclonidine Iopidine -Glaucoma-Adrenergic α-2 agonists
Brimonidine (Alphagan)-Glaucoma-Adrenergic α-2 agonists
All of the following side effects may be seen when using apraclonidine except: A. Dry mouth B. Lid drooping C. Conjunctival blanching D. Lethargy B. Lid drooping Apraclonidine is an A2-adrenergic agonist Side effects of Apraclonidine include: LID RETRACTION, dry mouth, lethargy, conjunctival blanching, and local allergy
All of the following effects may be seen with the use of dorzolamide except: A. Metallic taste B. Tingling in the hands and feet C. Skin rash D. Optic neuritis D. OPTIC NEURITIS Side effects of Dorzolamide include: Numbness in the hands, feet, or lips, a metallic taste to carbonated beverages, malaise, anorexia, weight loss, nausea, somnolence, depression, & local skin allergy
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