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World History Ch 1

Define Artisans Skilled workers
Define artifacts Tools, weapons, art, and buildings made by early humans
Define systematic agriculture It was the progression from hunting and gathering to the keeping of animals and growing crops during the Neolithic Revolution on a regular bases
What type of scientists uses fossils and artifacts to study early humans? Anthropologists
Who was farming in the Western Hemisphere by 7000 B.C.? Mesoamericans
Who led governments in the early civilizations? Monarchs
During what age did the agricultural revolution lead to the development of civilization? Neolithic Revolution from 8000-4000 B.C.
Where were many villages located that grew into cities and became early civilizations? River valleys
Which invention made hunting easier for early humans? Spears
Why was writing necessary to early governments? To keep accurate records
Why were Paleolithic people nomads? The had to follow the herds of animals in order to hunt and survive
Human life bean on which continent? Africa
Who were the two people that explored and found an early human skeleton? Louis and Mary Leakey
What does Homo Sapien mean? "Wise Human"
What were the three characteristics of Neanderthals? Neanderthals lived between 100,000-30,000 B.C. and used stone tools, made clothes from animals skins, and were the first to bury their dead.
What does Paleolithic mean? "Old Stone"
Define nomads People who moved from place to place in order to survive
Who were the first to learn how to make fires? Homo erectus
Define Neolithic "New Stone"
What was the keeping of animals and the growing of crops on a regular bases called? Systematic Agriculture
Define domestication The adaption of animals for human use
What are Mesoamericans? Inhabitants of modern day Mexico and Central
What were the 3 crops that Mesoamericans grew? Beans, squash, and maize (corn)
What metal was the first to be used in making tools? Copper
What are the 6 most important characteristics of a civilization? Cities, governments, religion, social structure, writing, and art
Define monarchs Kings or queens who rule a kingdom
What are priests Religious leaders
How did scientists view men and women during the Paleolithic Era? They saw them as equal
Who was in charge of making sure there was enough food during the Paleolithic Era? Both the men and women
Who passed down the skills, tools, and practices to the next generation during the Paleolithic Era? Both the men and women
What were the women's main job during the Paleolithic Era? To raise the children and teach them which foods are safe to eat and which are not. They stayed closer to camp so they were also in charge of trapping small animals and keeping the camp safe.
What were the men's main job during the Paleolithic Era? They were in charge of going off far from camp to hunt
Mesoamericans were farming in the Western Hemisphere by what time? 7000 B.C.
Both men and women were in charge of what during the Paleolithic age? passing down the skills, tools, and practices to the next generation and making sure there was enough food in the camps for everyone
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