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WH Wynn U1 Review

River Valley Civilizations

Where do scientists think humans originated from? Africa
What technology were the Hittites known for? extracting iron
What democratic concepts reflects the influence of Judaism on government? innocent until proven guilty, trial by jury, basis of democratic-republican government
What 3 things cause interaction between people from different cultures? trade, warfare, migration
Which civilization was known for the use of hieroglyphics, geometry, and knowledge of the human body? Egypt
Sumerians built these to honor their gods. ziggurats
What geographic features helped make the Fertile Crescent a fertile land for farming? the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
Whose law code gave Babylon peace and stability? Hammurabi's Code
Which ancient civilization set up a bureaucratic government that influenced later civilizations? the Persian Empire
Who did God make the covenant with that made Israelites the 'chosen people'? Abraham
In ancient cities, people were ranked according to their _____. job
This river brought water and fertility to Egypt but also brought destruction through flooding. the Nile River
Because the Phoenicians traded goods and spread ideas throughout the Mediterranean area, they are called the ______. carriers of civilization
What theory did the Zhou dynasty kings use to explain their right to rule China? Mandate of Heaven (dynastic cycle)
What is the term for an individual's moral and religious duties? dharma
What creature did the Indus Valley civilization, Aryan civilization, and modern day India regard as sacred? cattle
What was unique about the Israelites as an ancient civilization? They worshiped only one god.
In which religion does reincarnation allow someone to achieve moksha over several lifetimes? Hinduism
Which religion rejects the caste system and focuses on meditation? Buddhism
In which religion is nirvana the desired state of being? Buddhism
Which civilization had as its achievements a complex system of writing, silk making, and calligraphy? China
What was Chandragupta's approach to ruling India? He relied on force.
What 2 groups of people spread Buddhism to other parts of Asia? missionaries and traders
In which religion do people try to reach nirvana through virtuous living and meditation? Buddhism
What important trade route promoted the exchange of Western and Chinese goods and ideas? The Silk Road
What was Asoka's approach to ruling India? ruled by example
Which period of early Chinese civilization is considered a golden age because of its advances in science, medicine, technology, and the arts? the Han dynasty
According to this religion/philosophy, people should live according to the responsibilities outlined in the Five Relationships. Confucianism
Which Chinese ruler imposed a central government on his people by turning the feudal estates into military districts run by local officials? Shi Huangdi
What aspect of Confucianism contributed to its long lasting influence? Its philosophy of ensuring social order and good government.
Respect for one's parents is called... filial piety
A complex, highly organized social order is called a ... civilization
The rise and fall of Chinese ruling families according to the Mandate of Heaven is also called the... dynastic cycle
A writing system where symbols represent sounds is called an/a _____. alphabet
The worship of more than one god is called... polytheism
The worship of only one god is called... monotheism
A society where men hold the greatest legal and moral authority is called a _________ society. patriarchal
A society where women hold the greatest legal and moral authority is called a _________ society. matriarchal
A group of states or territories controlled by one ruler is called a/an... empire
A simple drawings that looks like the object it represents is called a/an... pictographs
Created by: Ms.Wynn