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Sacraments - Ch. 1

The Sacramental Nature of the Church

grace The free and undeserved help that God gives us to respond to his call to become children of God
sacrament An outward (visible) sign of an invisible grace; an efficacious symbol that brings about the spiritual reality to which it points
efficacious Capable of producing a desired effect
sacramental economy The communication ("dispensation") of the fruits of Christ's Paschal Mystery through the celebration of the sacramental liturgy
Incarnation Taking on human flesh
liturgy The official public worship of the Church
hypostatic union The doctrine of faith that recognizes two natures (one human and one divine) in the one divine Person of Jesus Christ
evangelists The writers of the four Gospels in the New Testament (i.e. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John)
Jesus A Hebrew name that means "God saves"
Christ A Greek name that means "anointed one." This name, when applied to Jesus, means he is the Son of the living God
Messiah A Hebrew term describing the long-prophesized "anointed one" that God would send to save people from their sins
primordial sacrament A reference to Jesus because he points to God's love while he is simultaneously God's love for us as he reconciles the world to his Father
marks of the Church Four essential signs or characteristics of Christ's Church (i.e. one, holy, catholic, and apostolic) that mark her as his true Church
communion of saints The unity in Christ of all those he has redeemed: the Church on earth, in heaven, and in Purgatory
human solidarity The virtue of social charity, friendship, and responsible sharing whereby we recognize our interdependence on others and that we are all brothers and sisters of one family under a loving Father
social justice The equitable treatment of all people according to their due; pertains to both a single person and structures of society that protect or oppress the rights of groups of people
charism A God-given talent, gift, skill, or ability that is given to each person for the good of everyone in the Church
sacramental grace A participation in the life and love of the Trinity that comes to us through the sacraments (each sacrament brings us a different dimension of God's life and love)
theological virtues Three habitual and firm dispositions to do the good (i.e. faith, hope, and charity) bestowed on us at Baptism that relate us to God
laity All the members of the Church who have been initiated into the Church through Baptism, participating in Jesus' prophetic, priestly, and kingly ministries, and who are not ordained or in consecrated life
Paschal Mystery The Life, Passion, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Christ
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