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Mock Exam Questions


The pt has one small, visible, palpable, median cephalic vein in the left arm. The phleb will select which needle combo as the best option for the venipuncture procedure? 22g with vacutainer
The phleb is trying to fill the second tube but the tube is not filling. There is no visible hematoma, the needle did not move during the tube switch, and the first tube filled just fine. The appropriate course of action is to: remove the tube as it seems that the vacuum is depleted and try another tube of the same type
The patient has an order for a CBC and a PT, both of which only require a small amount of blood. The had a mastectomy on the left side and scars from a serious burn on the antecubital site of the right arm. The phleb should collect blood by performing a finger stick on the right hand
The phleb enters a patients room and says, " Hi, John I need to draw some blood again." The phlebs ID of the pt is: not okay bc proper ID of pt should be adhered at all times
An extremely obese pt with tiny, non palpable veins requires a CBC. What is the best course of action dermal puncture with microtainer tube
The phleb is preparing to perfom a venipuncture on a child that is extremely upset & crying. The mother becomes upset and frustrated, what is the best course of action? Ask the mother to step out of the room and get another phleb to assist (personally, disagree)
The phleb blows her nose before entering the pts room. She then moves the pts phone, water cup and pitcher over to the side of the bed table so she can put the tray on it. The phleb then goes in the bathroom to wash her hands. The phlem: left the patient at risk for a health care-assoscialted infection
The phleb tells the nurse who stopped by he lab that Mary Jones in room 630, who had a blood glucose of 1200 mg/dL, must continue to have venous draws instead of performing POCT due to the high glucose level. This conversation is/is not appropriate bc: both are medical professionals and the nurse need the information to treat Ms. Jones.
While performing a stack of afternoon draws, the sleeve of a phleb's lab coat is contaminated by a splatter of blood. The appropriate course of action is: discard the coat and get a fresh one from the lab
The pts requisition says Mary Smith. She verifies age and DOB but informs you that she is recently married and is now Mary Jones & requests that you change her name on the form. What should you do? Call the Dr office for verification and have a new requisition faxed
A pt comes to the lab stating that the Dr called and told her to get a STAT CBC drawn. You have no requisition so you should: Call the physician and get a verbal order
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