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Mod F Unit 1

Vocab for Unit 1 Mod F MA

a small space between muscles, tendons, and bones that is lined with synovial membrane and contains a fluid, synovia bursa
the shaft of a long bone diaphysis
a tough connective tissue membrane lining the medullary canal and containing the bone marrow endosteum
the ends of a developing bone epiphysis
the big or great toe hallux
the formation of blood cells hemopoiesis
the membrane that forms the covering of bones except at their articular surfaces periosteum
main long bones tibia, femure, humerus, radius
functions of the skeletal system shape and support, protection of internal organs, storage for mineral salts, calcium, phosphorus, formation of blood cells, attachment of of skeletal muscles, movement through articulation
arthro joint
-blast immature/germ cell
chon cartilage
calcane heel bone
chondr/o cartilage
dactylo finger or toe
-ectomy excision
-plasty surgical repair
-osis condition of
oste/o bone
por a passage
moving a body part away from the middle abduction
surgical puncture of a joint for removal of fluid arthrocentesis
inflammation of a joint arthritis
bending a limb flexion
straightening a flexed limb extension
lying prone or face down, also turning the hand so the palm faces downward pronation
occurs at the ankle and affects both bones of the lower leg (fibula and tibia) Pott's fracture
air cavity within certain bones sinus
very large process of the femur trocanter
abnormal lateral curvature of the spine scoliosis
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