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Combining Forms

cyst (o) sac of fluid
mucos (o) mucus membrane
medull (o) soft, inner ear
necr (o) death
alveol (o) small sac
follicul (o) small glandular sacs
papill (o) nipple-like
scirrh (o) hard
onc (o) tumor
aden (o) gland
angi (o) vessel
cancer (o) crab, cancer
capsul (o) a little box
carcin (o) cancer
chondr (o) cartilage
chori (o) chorion
cyt (o) cell
dendr (o) tree
duct (o) to lead
fibr (o) fiber
filtrat (o) to filter
gli (o) glue
hem (o) hemat (o) blood
immun (o) safe, immunity
lei (o) smooth
leuk (o) white
lip (o) fat
lymph (o) lymph
malign (o) bad kind
medull (o) marrow
melan (o) black
mening (o) meninges, membrane
mucos (o) mucus
mutat (o) to change
myel (o) bone marrow
my (o) muscle
myc (o) fungus
nephr (o) kidney
neur (o) nerve
onc (o) tumor
oste (o) bone
palliat (o) cloaked
remiss (o) remit
reticul (o) net
retin (o) retina
rhabd (o) rod
sarc (o) flesh
semin (o) seed
stom (o) mouth
terat (o) monster
vir (o) virus
xer (o) dry
oncology study of tumors
Created by: Luna382