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Med Term 5

Integumentary System

What are the accessory organs of the integumentary system? Hair, nails, and glands
What are the 3 distinct tissues of the integumentary system? Glands, Nerves, and Blood Vessels
What are the three layers of the skin? Epidermis. Dermis, and Subcutaneous
Which accessory organs produce sweat? Sudoriferous Gland
Which accessory organs produce oil? Sebaceous Gland
Derm-, Dermat-, Cutane- Skin
Seb- Sebum, Sebaceous
Pil-, Trich- Hair
Sudor-, Hidr- Sweat
Cyan- Blue
Erythem-, Erythemat-, Erythr- Red
Myc- Fungus
Melan- Black
Adip-, Lip- Fat
Neur- Nerve
Arteriol- Arteriole
Ichthy- Dry, scaly
Kerat- Horny tissue, hard, cornea
Xer-, Ichthy- Dry
Scler- Hardening, Sclera (white of eye)
Define: Anhydrosis Abnormal condition without sweat
Define: Cryotherapy Treatment with cold
Define: Dermoid Resembling skin
Define: Subcutaneous Pertaining to under the skin
Define: Cyanosis Abnormal condition of blue (skin)
Define: Sudoresis Condition of sweat
Define: Leukocyte White cell
Define: Melanocyte Black cell
Define: Xeroderma Skin that is dry
Define: Homograft or allograft Transplantation of same (species)
Define: Carcinoma Tumor (composed of) cancer
Define: Pyoderma Skin (condition associated) with pus
Define: Seborrhea Discharge or flow of sebum
Define: Ichthyosis Abnormal condition of dry or scaly (skin)
Define: Thermal Pertaining to heat
Most common type of skin cancer. Arises in basal cell layer of the epidermis. Flesh colored or brown. Slow growing and destructive. Rarely metastasizes but invasive. Commonly occurs in blonde, hair-skinned individuals. Basal Cell Carcinoma (tx: complete readication, electrodessicaion,)
Localized collection of pus at the infection site on hairy parts of the body exposed to irritation, pressure, friction, or moisture. Caused by Staphylocuccus. Furuncle vs. Carbuncle. Painful and swollen. Erethyma and edema Abscess ( tx: Cleaning, antibiotics, I&D)
Chronic, noninfectious, inflammatory skin disease. Circumscribed red patches covered by thick, dry, adherent scales. Epidermal cells pdt. 6-9x faster than normal. Fam history. Excessive development of basal layer of the skin. Dry, cracked, & encrusted. Psoriasis (tx: Pallative, Excrimer laser - UVB light therapy)
Inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands and their hair follicles. Comedos and papules. Acne Vulgaris (tx: antibacterial solutions, topical agents)
Contagious skin disease accused by itch mite. Transmitted by direct skin-to-skin contact. Parasite multiples and burrows. Scabies (tx: Scabicide, antipuritics and oral antihistamines)
Define: Alopecia Absence or loss of hair, especially of the head; baldness
Define: Debridement Removal or necrotized tissue from a traumatic or infected area
Define: Diaphoresis Person who sweats excessively and unpredicably
Define: Hirsutism Excessive growth of hair in unusual places
Define: Allograft Same species
Define: Autograft Same person
Define: Synthetic Not of natural origin
Define: Xenograft Obtained from a member of one species and transplanted to a member of another species.
Define: Dermatome Area of skin
Define: Intradermal Pertaining to within the skin
Define: Dermatology Study of Skin
Created by: irsangal