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Med Term 1-2

Introductory & Suffixes

What are the 4 word parts? Word Root, Combining Form, Suffix, Prefix
Languages med term is derived from? Latin & Greek
What are suffixes an indication of? Pathology, Condition, Symptom, Procedure
What are prefixes an indication of? Number, Time, Position, Measurement, Direction
-megaly Enlargement
-itis Inflammation
-ectomy Excision, removal
-centesis surgical puncture
-tripsy crushing
-lysis separation; destruction; loosening
-clasis to break; surgical fracture
-pexy fixation (of an organ)
-rrhaphy suture
-plasty surgical repair
-stomy forming an open (mouth)
-desis binding, fixation (of a bone or joint)
-tome instrument to cut
-tomy incision
-scope instrument for examining
-scopy visual examination
-graph instrument for recording
-graphy process of recording
-meter instrument for measuring
-metry act of measuring
-gram record, writing
-algia, -dynia pain
-plasia, -plasm formation, growth
-gen, -genesis forming, producing, origin
-rrhage, -rrhagia bursting forth (of)
-edema swelling
-cele hernia (swelling)
-lith stone, calculus
-osis abnormal condition; increase (usually with blood cells)
-spasm involuntary contraction, twitching
-stenosis narrowing, stricture
-rrhea discharge, flow
-path disease
-itis inflammation
-oma tumor
-rrhexis rupture
-plegia paralysis
-ectasis dilation, expansion
-emesis vomiting
-emia blood condition
-iasis abnormal condition (produced by something specified)
Adjective or noun: -ic, -ia, -ac,-ar, -ary, -ile, -ous Adjective (pertaining to)
Adjective or noun: -ician, -ist, -ia, -esis, -ism Noun (-ician and -ist : specialist.... -esis, -ia, -ism: condition)
-iatry medicine; treatment
-icle, -ole, -ule small, minute
Singular vs. Plural pairs: Thombus Thombi
Singular vs. Plural pairs: Ovum Ova
Singular vs. Plural pairs: Fungus Fungi
Singular vs. Plural pairs: Diagnosis Diagnoses
Define: Lithotrypsy Crushing of a stone
Define: Colonostomy Forming a new opening in the colon
Define: Appendectomy Excision; removal of the appendix
Define: Arthroplathy Disease of the joint
Define: Gastritis Inflammation of the stomach
Define: Arthrocentisis Surgical puncture of the join
Define: Myorraphy Suture of the muscles
Define: Arthrodesis Binding, fixation of a joint
Define: Tracheostomy Forming an opening (mouth) into the trachea
Define: Cardiograph Instrument for recording the heart
Define: Electrocardiogram Record of electrical activity of the heart
Define: Neuralgia Pain of a Nerve
Define: Carcinogen Forming, producing, origin of cancer
Define: Osteomalacia Softening of bone
Define: Lithiasis Abnormal condition of stones
Define: Hepatocele Hernia of the liver
Define: Lymphedema Swelling of the lymph gland
Define: Lymphoma Tumor composed of lymph tissue
Define: Hemorrhage Bursting forth (of) blood
Created by: irsangal
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