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PAE study2

missed question

What uterine ligament keeps the uterus tilted forward Round ligament
What agent is used to reverse narcotics Narcan
What anesthesia is commonly used during a pacemaker insertion Conscience sedation
A drug used to stimulate labor contractions is called Pitocin
What medication is used to irrigate the eye during cataract surgeries BSS (Balanced Salt Solution)
Name a medication used as a local anesthetic Lidocaine
Name one type of inhalation agent Halothane
Name one type of dye Methylene Blue
Name one type of antibiotic Gentamicin
What anesthesia complication is manifested by an increased temperature and muscle rigidity Malignant hypothermia
What is the surgical term for a facelift Rhytideplasty
What piece of equipment is used to make a skin graft larger Mesher
Closure of a cleft palate is called a Palatoplasty
What is another name for a mole Verda
What type of cyst usually forms on the dorsum of the wrist Ganglion cyst
Burns are assessed using an assessment technique termed The Rule of Nines
A woman requesting larger breasts would undergo what type of procedure Breast augmentation
If this patient decided to have her breasts "lifted" instead, what procedure would be performed Mammoplasty
Mento refers to which part of the body Chin
Which abnormality causes raised nodule in the palm which tightens and causes the hand to contract Rumatiod arthritis
During a Caldwell-Luc procedure, which instrument would be used to enlarge the maxillary sinus opening Kerrison Rongeur
Speed of a computer processor is measured in Gigahertz
Stones are present in the CBD. What 2 surgical instruments should be available for the surgeon to make an incision in the CBD Metz and Mixer right angle clamp
What is used to remove stones from the CBD Fogarty balloon tipped catheter
What is the first step involving the femoral artery Femoral artery is isolated with vessel loops
What is the second step in preparation for the anastomosis Femoral artery is clamped with DeBakey angled vascular clamp
What self retaining retractor is used to hold brain spoons in place during a craniotomy Leyla-Yasargil
Blood supply to the thyroid gland arises from what External carotid artery
Excessive secretion of growth hormones in adults causes Acromegaly
Extending the foot at the ankle and bending the foot downward is Plantar flextion
Suture material that becomes encapsulated by fibrous tissue during the healing stage is termed Absorbable
Which forcep is not a tissue forcep Allis
A type of dressing used when frequent wound inspections are required is Montgomery
The protrusion of the viscera through the edges of a totally separated wound is Evisceration
Agar is A growth media for microorganisms
Which of the following is a prokaryote Bacteria
Which of the following is a eukaryote Fungi
Cellular multiplication by division of a cell into two separate cells is known as Binary Fission
The study of form and structure of bacteria is called Microbiology
A thick-walled highly resistant body formed within a bacterial cell is Endospore
Bacterial cells that are spherically-shaped are called Spirochetes
Rounded bacteria occurring in chains Diplococci
What shape are bacilli Rod shaped
Tetanus and botulism are caused by organisms of the genus Clostridium
The term staphylococcus implies the arrangement of Cocci in chains
How do viruses reproduce Cell invasion
What position would be used for a Thoracotomy Lateral
Large urethral strictures in the male can be dilated by the use of a Van Buren Sound
Which of the following pre-operative medication may result in a flushed face Atropine
How would a thyroid nodule be sent to the lab In formalin
What is the instrument of choice for removing foreign bodies in children Bronchoscope
What would a Greenfield filter be used for Vena Caval filter
What is the most commonly used vascular suture Prolene
What is Polyglactin 910 generally called Vicryl
A Sengsten-Blakemore tube is used for Ruptured esophageal varices
In order to prevent strain to the lumbosacral muscles and ligaments when the patient is in the lithotomy position what precaution is taken The buttock must not extend beyond the table edge
Which of the following occurrences is the most frequent cause of law suits in surgery Sponges left in wound.
The sterile back flap of a wrap-around gown should be fastened After gloving
Is a Best Clamp an intestinal instrument No-not a real instrument
What instrument would be used for a common duct exploration Bakes dilator
Which dilator is generally found in a D&C set Hegar dilators
Which self retaining retractor would be used to facilitate exploration of the femoral artery during a femoral popliteal bypass Weitlaner
You would anticipate the need for fine rake retractors in what surgery Duprytren's contracture
A pillar retractor would be used on what surgery Tonsillectomy
Which instrument would you need to remove the septal cartilage in a rhinoplasty Jansen-Middleton forceps
What is the name of a rib approximator Bailey
In which procedure would a Gigli saw be used Craniotomy
The sharp currettes found on a D&C set up are called Sims
Another name for uterine dressing forceps found on a D&C set up are called Bozeman
What retractor is used during a cholecystectomy Harrington
What instrument is used to hold back muscles during a hip pinning Bennett retractor
Which of the following retractors would be used during a lumbar laminectomy Beckman-Adson
The bladder retractor used during a C/S is the DeLee
What device is a single pronged self retaining retractor Gelpi
Which retractor would be used during a suprapubic prostatectomy Mason-Judd retractor
What is the name of a weighted vaginal speculum Auvard
Which electrolyte would be administered to correct a cardiac dysrhythmia Potassium
During an emergency induction anesthesia, the nurse may be requested to use the sellick's maneuver to Control aspiration of stomach contents
In an inguinal herniorrhaphy the spermatic cord is retracted with a Penrose drain
In which case would a Frazier suction be used Ear
When transporting a patient, drainage systems should be placed Below the level of the stretcher
What clamp is used for the tonsils Adson
A forcep used to grasp lung tissue Duval
A rib raspartory is Alexander
A self retaining mouth gag Jennings, McIvor, Davis
Common name for a tonsil suction Yankure
Ellick evacuator is used on a TURP
Which indwelling catheter is used on a TURP 3 way Foley
Which blade/handle combination would be used for a tonsillectomy #12 blade on a #7 handle
During a embolectomy what catheter is inserted proximal to the clot Fogarty catheter
An abdominal hysterectomy is being performed, which instrument is used to clamp off the round ligament Right neck tie
The force that causes an object to fall due to gravity is called Weight
According to Newton's Law of motion. The first law expresses the concept of Inertia
Which type of light waves travel parallel to one another Collimated
What is the force or push of potential electrical energy Volt
The rate at which work is done is called Power
What is the property of matter that resists change in motion Mass
What term is used to describe the flow of energy Current
Which piece of monitoring equipment is used as a non-invasive method of monitoring general anesthesia levels Bispectral Index
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