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PAE study1

missed questions

The term staphylococcus implies the arrangement of Cocci in clusters
Name a positioning device needed when the patient is supine Elbow pads
Lasix is a Diuretic
What position would a patient be placed in for a rotator cuff surgery Fowler's sitting
The extrusion of the viscera through the edges of a totally separated wound is Evisceration
Cranial nerve II Optic
The tunica albuginea is sutured to what muscle during an orciopexy Dartos
The wavelength of laser light ranges from Infrared to ultraviolet
Which abdominal structure must be approximated after a colectomy to prevent herniation of abdominal contents Mesentery
A failure or lack of care or skill which any member of their profession would be expected to use is the legal definition of Negligence
An anesthetic on top of skin Topical
The suture of choice for repair of a rotator cuff 2-0 Nonabsorbable
"Hemi" means Half
"Pan" means All, entire, every
"itis" means Inflammation
Ectomy means removal of
Malignant hyperthermia is treated by what drug Dantrolene
TURP instrument for resection of the prostate Resectoscope
Papaverine is given during peripheral vascualr surgery to Dilate peripheral blood vessels.
A full-thickness skin graft contains The dermis and epidermis
What vein is removed in a vein stripping Saphenous
Removal of a uterine fibroid is called Myomectomy
An opening into the eardrum is a Myringotomy
Otosclerosis would be treated by what procedure Stapedectomy
What type of incision is used for an open cholecystectomy Subcostal
After the abdominal fascia has been incised, what retractor should be available for the first assistant Balfour
You are scrubbed on an eye case involving the strabismus. What is the first layer of tissue that must be incised Conjunctiva
What structures are removed during a TAH Uterus and cervix
A radial keratotomy is done to correct Glaucoma
A MMK is performed for Stress incontinence in a female
What procedure is most commonly performed for treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy TURP
When plates and screws are inserted in a fractured bone it is known as ORIF
A midline abdominal incision is made between what muscle rectus abdominus
What is the procedure for crushing a stone in the bladder followed by irrigation lithopaxy
Which procedure would require the use of a microscope Vitrectomy
What is visualized during a bronchoscopy The apex of the lungs
What is used to remove the prostate during a suprapubic prostatectomy Surgeon's finger
Which surgical procedure would use a Kuntscher nail Diaphysis of the femur
An appendectomy incision is a McBurney
Which is the first thing the surgeon will do when performing a Myringotomy Remove ear wax from ear canal
What is the procedure to correct an undecended testicle Orchiopexy
A diagnostic procedure for suspected ectopic pregnancy is Colposcopy
Which procedure is performed to treat otitis media Myringotomy
Which procedure would be performed in the lateral position Nephrectomy
A D&C might be performed for Menorrhagia
What would never be done to any patient having facial surgery Shave eyebrows
A tear in the lateral or medial knee cartilage is repaired by performing a Menisectomy
The nerve that is at greatest risk for injury during a thyroidectomy is Laryngeal
Extra bones that develop in the sutures of the skull are called Wormian
Where is the sphincter of Oddi located Common bile duct
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