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How many pounds of pressure are necessary in a flash sterilizer set at 270°F? 27 pounds of pressure
Meckles Diverticulum is found where? Ilium
In which case would a Frazier suction be used? Ear cases (BMT)
Unwrapped instruments are sterilized at 270°F for how long? 3 minutes
What term identifies the arms of a robot in surgery? Manipulators
Xylocaine is used IV for what? Cardiac arrhythmias
Invagination of the proximal intestine into the lumen of the distal intestine is called? Intersuscuption
Rotator cuff repair is called a? Bankhart
What is the most common fracture in childhood? Greenstick
Which skeletal traction requires the use of sterile supplies for application of traction appliance? Crutchfield
Harrington rods are used to treat? Scoliosis
What catheter is used to remove thrombi or emboli from vascular structures? Fogarty
A face lift is a? Rhytidectomy
A Pezzer is a? Mushroom Catheter
A neuro headrest skull clamp is called? Mayfield
How do viruses reproduce? Cell invasion
Another name for degenerative joint disease is? Osteoarthritis
Wounds with extensive tissue trauma generally heal by? Second intention
Excess secretion of growth hormone causes what? Acromegaly
Braided or twisted nonabsorbable sutures should not be used in infected wounds because why? Suture crevices become breading places for bacteria
What procedure is commonly perofrmed in conjunction with a pyloroplasty? Vagotomy
When doing a D&C, the surgeon with use what instrument to grasp the cervix? Tenaculum
The distal and proximal ends of long bones are called? Epiphyses
What incision is used to perform a transverse cholectomy? Midline
The preferred knife blade for a tonsillectomy is? #12 blade on a #7 handle
The adult vertebral column is composed of how many bones? 33 bones
Name a type of bone-holding instrument? Lane
What position is used for perineal, rectal and vaginal procedures? Lithotomy
The gland located on the front and sides of the trachea below the larynx is? Thyroid
Microorganisms that have the ability to adapt to aerobic and anaerobic conditions are? Faculative
The beats per minute for the resting heart rate of an adult is? 60-80bpm
Surgical Gut is made from? Submucosa of sheep intestine
A group of atoms joined by chemical bonds are what? Molecule
The purpose of a Foley Catheter is to? Drain the bladder to avoid injury
Enlargement of the veins of the spermatic cord is a? Varicocele
If a suture strand extends over the sterile field it is considered? Contaminated
Graft material used to cover the stapes during a radical mastoidectomy? Temporalis Fascia
The prefix "psudo-" means? False
To facilitate gentle traction during surgery, the gallbladder is grasped by what? Pean clamp
Should an open bottle of water be recapped? No
What shape is bacilli? Rod-shaped
What is the positively charged atomic particle? Proton
Name of the instrument used to hold the mouth open during a tonsillectomy? Jennings
Term used for male breast enlargement? Gynecomastia
A muscle commonly used for Flap reconstruction? Transverse Rectus
In an emergency procedure on a minor who may sign the consent if the parents can't/won't? Two consulting physicians
The second cervical vertebra is the? Axis
What are the basic rights of medication administration? Right patient, Right time, Right drug, Right dose, Right route, Right documenting
The principle of personal liability is a legal rule which? holds everyone legally responsible for their own negligent acts
The first cervical vertebra is the? Atlas
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