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Unit 5 Exam

Chapters 18 & 19

Pre Analytic Occur before analysis of the specimen
Post Analytic Delays in reporting results or improper entry of results in the data bank
Book that tells phlebotomists the duties and performance levels Policies and Procedures Manual
What is tort and where does it come from Tort comes from a civil action and **is injury to one person for which another person who caused the injury is legally responsible**
Malpractice The delivery of a substandard care that results in harm to a patient
Negligence Failure to perform an action consistent with the accepted standard of care
Battery the intentional touching of another person without consent
Assault an unjustifiable attempt to touch another person or the threat to do so
Where do you look if you have a question about the principle behind a specimen? Procedure Manual
What is Quality Phlebotomy A set of policies and procedures designed to ensure the delivery of consistent, high-quality patient care and specimen analysis.
Book for turnaround time for a specific procedure Directory of services
Delta Check Compares previous data with current patient data to help spot ID errors
Dereliction When a phlebotomist breaches the duty of care to a patient
When should fasting specimens be collected? 8-12 hours after eating
4 Elements of Negligence Duty, Dereliction, Injury, Indirect Cause
What type of law does OSHA create? Administrative
What organization mandates QA (Quality Assurance) programs? The Joint Commission
What is protected health information? Medical information that is linked to a specific patient
TQM QC and QA are included in the set of approaches used by the institution to provide patient satisfaction- Focuses on gradual, continual improvements in the quality of services provided by the lab.
Hemoconcentration produces a false increase in many analytes, including RBCs, enzymes, calcium and sodium.
Centrifuges must be calculated every ________ months with a tachometer to ensure that they are running at reported speed 3
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