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Mock Exam Questions

Questions 1-100

What is Phlebotomy? The act of drawing blood
What is a phlebotomist? A trained professional in blood drawing
Which is the following is NOT part of a phleb's point-of-care-job-related duties? Performing tracheostomy
All of the following are considered hazards except: bending your knees when lifting heavy objects
Can you store food in a lab refrigerator? NO
As written in the Patient Care Partnership from the American Heart Association, the patient has the right to: high-quality care, protection of privacy, help with billing claims
Certification is evidence that: the phlebotomist has demonstrated proficiency in the area of blood drawing.
Which of the following is OSHA approved PPE Goggles, chin-length face shield, full-length lab coat
The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act of 1988 follows guidelines and standards set by the: CLSI
Samples collected from a PT in a nursing home are sent to the reference laboratory
Quality assurance for lab personnel includes all of the following: specimen collection procedures, specimen transport processes, specimen- processing policies
PPE must be provided by the Employer
Which of the following much a Phlebotomist use when performing a routine venipuncture? Gloves
Under HIPPA, protected health information is defined as: any part of a patient's health information that is linked to information that identifies the patient.
Employers must provide ____________ vaccination, free of charge Hepatitis B
Which of the following would be a reason for rejection of a specimen by the lab? An ESR has been collected in a red-topped tube
The quality of the test result depends on: the time between collecting the specimen and analyzing the specimen
The purpose of Total Quality Management is to: check machinery with automated procedures, ensure that proper lab procedures are being followed and ensure that adequate PT care is being provided
A specimen may be rejected by the lab if: the tube was not initialized, the blood is hemolyzed, or the tube was not transported properly
Transport bags have a separate compartment (pouch) for requisitions to: prevent contamination if the specimen leaks
Proper________ __________ is the most important first step in phlebotomy and other testing procedures. Proper patient identification
Acceptable method(s) of identifying a patient include: PT name and DOB, check the PT ID band, ask PT to present photo ID
When an admitted PT is not wearing an ID band, the phleb should: not draw blood until nursing has placed an ID band on the PT
What is the proper procedure to follow if a Dr or member of clergy is in PT's room at the time of draw? a) As them to step outside c) Return at another time if the specimen is not a stat request
How should you proceed if there is a language barrier with the PT? use hand gestures to communicate with the PT
Most tubes containing additives should be inverted 5-8 times
Lavender Top Tub (additive) EDTA
Green Top Tube (additive) Heparin
Yellow Top Tube (additive) SPS or ACD
Glass Red Top Tube (additive) No additive
Which tube contains sodium flouride and potassium oxalate? Gray Top Tube
Which tube holds a glucose specimen for 24 hours Gray Top Tube
Which tube to collect erythrocyte sedimentation rate? Lavender Tube
blood for serology testing should be drawn in what tube? Red
This tube yields a serum specimen Red Top Tube
Coagulation studies should be drawn in a light blue tube containing which of the following additives? Sodium Citrate
A blood donation given by a patient for use during his or her surgical procedure is called: Autologous Donation
These would be considered false for a blood culture collection The culture must be collected in a red- and marble top tube A tourniquet is not used for blood culture collection A & C
For ABG's the area must be prepped with __________ before the draw. iodine
A heparinized needle and syringe are necessary int he collection of: ABG
A Hemogard top is a plastic top that fits over the stopper used to reduce aerosol and splattering of blood
Cold agglutanin test must be maintained at _______ degrees celcius 37
Chilling a specimen will Maintain the stability of the specimen during transport
The specimens for the following tests must be kept chilled: Ammonia, Pyruvate, Lactic Acid
When labeling tubes this information must be included PT's name, date, time of draw
____________is NOT needed for routine phlebotomy procedure iodine
What additional equipment may be needed when drawing blood from a patient in the premature nursery? Additional PPE
The depth of a heel puncture cannot exceed: 2.0 mm
50) The tourniquet is placed ____________ inches above the site of draw 3-4
When a tourniquet is left on too tight, capillaries may rupture, causing: petechiae
A phlebotomist must inspect the needle for: burrs, bevel facing up, expiration date
Which is the smallest needle? the larger the gauge ex: 21 is small
A butterfly needle should be used on: pediatric/ geriatric pts, pts w/ sclerosed veins & 1 tube being drawn, adults' dorsal and metacarpal veins
A tube older is used to connect needle and evacuated tube to: ensure firm, stable connection between
The proper way to dispose of a needle: activate safety device, dispose in sharps container immediately after withdrawing the needle from pt
Before drawing, the phleb should consider: scars/ burns, edema, mastectomy
Correct way to end draw procedure Remove tourniquet, remove tube, apply gauze, remove needle, apply pressure and discard needle to sharps container
A tourniquet left on too long can cause all of the following: petechia, hemolysis, hemoconcentration
What should you do if a pt experiences syncope? remove needle and tourniquet, apply pressure
Sign of syncope Cold, clammy, damp skin
Blood that has seeped from vein to tissue Hematoma
What can cause vein occlusion Chemotherapy
What can occur if a phlebotomist punctures a bone Osteomyelitis
Veins that are hard and cordlike are called Sclerosed
The term that means the rupturing of red blood cells hemolysis
High bilirubin levels can lead to jaundice, which can lead to brain damage
Thrombosis Clot formation within blood cell
Which would cause a shortened bleeding time in a bleeding time test? Hair at the incision site
A hematoma can be prevented if pressure is applied on the vein until bleeding stops completely
Aspirin may affect a patients bleeding time
In CSF collection, the phlebotomist will obtain specimen from Dr after it has been collected from the PT, transport specimen to lab, process the microbiology specimen under the microscope
75) Midstream clean catch urine collections are Always a stat specimen
The process of collecting amniotic fluid is known as amniocentesis
The amniotic fluid must be transferred to a sterile container, protected from light, transported immediately to the lab for analysis
Prompt delivery to the lab of semen samples is necessary to determine ______________ in fertility testing. viability
Fecal specimens are collected for: ova/parasite, digestive abnormalities, occult blood analysis
What is the best sample to determine blood pH and blood gases? Arterial blood
An un-iced ABG must be delivered to the lab within __________minutes 5-10 minutes
ABG must be processed immediately to minimize changes in the analyte
Safety equipment for ABG collection Small rubber block, fluid-resistant gown, face shield
If the result of a modified Allen test is negative, Another artery must be selected for blood collection
The NP culture is used to diagnose whooping cough, croup, upper respiratory infections
The SE test is used to diagnose cystic fibrosis
Which procedure is normally collected by a nurse or respiratory therapist ABG
When drawing from an adult, dermal punctures can be used as an alternate for CBC, glucose tolerance, ESR. (can not be used for ABG)
Which type of PTs should receive dermal puncture? Pts that require frequent blood draws, with burns on the arms or who are at risk for venous thrombosis
Why should you cleanse the first drop of blood in a dermal puncture? To rid the specimen of fluid from tissue
What should the phlebotomist NOT do when drawing blood from a child? Do not tell the child that it won't hurt
What does the phlebotomist look for when identifying a newborn? Hospital identification number and the last name
Improper cleaning of a venipuncture site can cause infection
Define pathogen An infectious, disease-causing microorganism
What are components needed for chain of infection reservoir, means of transmission, susceptible host
A health-care associated infection is an infection contracted within a health care facility
When a pt has a highly contagious disease, he or she is placed: in expanded precaution isolation
A PT who is known to have tuberculosis is placed, in airborne precautions
100) A PT who has diarrhea and bacterial gastroenteritis is placed Contact Precautions
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