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medical specialties

Partial or complete loss of sensation, usually by injection or inhalation Anesthesiology(anesthesiologist)
Diesease s of the heart and blood vessels and cardiovascular surgery, a subspecialty of internal medicine Cardiology/cardiologist
Dieases and injuries of the skin more recently concerned with skin cancer prevention Dermatology/ dermatologist
Disorders of the endocrine glands such as sterility diabetes and thyroid problems Endocrinology/endocrinologist
Individual and family Care by integrating biological behavioral and clinical sciences for treatment Family medicine/ general or family practioner
Digestive tract and related structural diseases a subspecialty of internal medicine Gastroenterology/gastroenterologist
Effects of aging aand age related disorders Gerontology/gerontologist
Disorders of the blood and blood forming organs Hematology/hematologist
Diseases of internal​ organs and general medical conditions uses nonsurgical therapy Internal medicine/ID specialist
Diseases related nto the structure and function of the kidney Nephrology/nephrologist
Disorders of the brain spinal cord and nerves Neurology/neurologist
Sees women through pregnancy childbirth disorders of the reproductive system and menopause Obstetrics and gynecology/ gynecologist
Tumors including benign and malignant conditions Oncology/oncologist
Eye examination eye diseases and surgery Opthalmology/opthalmologist
Disorders of the musculoskeletal system including preventing disorders and restoring functions Orthopedics/orthopedist
Disorders of the eye ear nose and throat Otorhinolaryngology/otorhinolaryngologist
Diseases of children from birth to adolescent including wellness check and vaccinations Pediatrics/pediatrician
Mental illness clinical depression and other behavioral and emotional disorders Psychiatry/psychiatrist
Functions no the lungs treatment of disorders of the respiratory system Pulmonary medicine/ pulmonologist
Rheumatatic diseases (acute and chronic conditions characterized by inflammation and joint diseases) Rheumatology/Rheumatologist
Urinary tract diseases and disorders of the male reproductive system Urology/Urologist
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