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global studies eval


Africa is the 2nd largest _____________ on Earth Continent
The _________________ is the largest hot desert in the world sahara desert
the ________ is the longest river in Africa Nile river
_____________ is the highest mountain in Africa and is located in _______ Mt. Kilimanjaro; Tanzania
Raising crops to support only a family is known as __________ __________ while _________ ____________ is raising enough crops to sell and make a profit. Subsistence farming; Commercial farming
what is more common in African villages? Subsistence farming
_____________ occurs when land loses all of its vegetation. desertification
What is occuring in the Sahel desertification
A __________ is a large, mostly flat area that is elevated platue
Steep cliffs or _____________ are typically found along the coasts of Africa Escarpments
How many countries are there in Africa 54
True/False; the Equator and the Prime Meridian both pass through Africa true
True/False; Both the tropic of cancer and the tropic of capricorn cross Africa True
How many languages are spoken in Africa 800+
True/False; A common climate or biome in Africa is a tundra False
True/False; The sahara desert is the only desire in Africa False
True/False; While may regions in Africa have no unifying cultural feature, North Africans are united by Islam and the Arabic languages True
define Great Rift Valley An area of barren land in Eastern Africa that was formed from tectonic activity
define Savanna tropical grasslands with scattered trees and vegetation, which is home to a wide variety of wildlife.
define Sahel Semiarid area south of the sahara desert. Experiencing desertification, meaning it is not a desert now because of drought, it is losing a lot of vegetation and becoming more like a desert each day.
A person who uses special powers to predict future events diviner
A group of families with a common ancestor lineage
A family that consists of parents and children nuclear family
a group of lineages that trace their descent back to a common ancestor (multiple lineages) clan
A bond or relationship between family members or close friends Kinship
A family that includes relatives other than parents and children extended family
An African storyteller who passes on oral traditions Griot
The practice of honoring spirits or relatives so they could influence the gods in their favor Ancestor Worship
Stories, legends, or songs passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth. oral tradition
What role did religion play in the lives of west african villagers? it drives the villages. The people believe if they work hard, it wi;; get played off.
Created by: 22repack