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study guide1

arielle's study guide

What are the emergency uses for Atropine, Calcium Chloride, Dextrose, Diphenhydramine, Dopamine, Ephinepherine, Furosemide, Hetastarch, Lidocaine, & Magnesium Sulfate? Counter agent for chemical agents, Cardiac resuscitation, hypoglycemic reaction, Anaphylaxis with epinepherine, shock, Anaphylaxis with benydryl, acute pulmonary edema, emergent blood loss, stitches, and toxemia or preclampsia.
What do the abbreviations aa, ad, MDI, U, mEq, SL, IA, & TPN mean? of each, as desired, metered dose inhaler, unit, milliequivalent, sublingual, intra-arterial, & total parenteral nutrition
What are the formulas for converting degrees F to degrees C, and degrees C to degrees F? F=1.8C+32, C=F-32/1.8
What are the parts of a syringe? What is the hole on a needle called? Whats the most common size? Plunger, barrel, tip hub, and needle; a bevel; 25g;
What are the characteristics of an oral syringe, and a hyperdermic syringe? colored, no needle, tip not centered, non sterile; clear, needle, centered tip, sterile.
What are the 5 patient rights the right patient, dose, route or dosage form, time, and right drug
What are the absorption percent of tablets/capsules, liquid gels/SL/Strips, Luquid, INJ(IM, SC, ID) and IV? 30-40%; 40-6-%; 50-70%, 60-80%; and 80-100%
Who are authorized prescribers? Who are authorized recievers? MD,PA,NP,D; RN, Pharmacist
What are medication orders, and what are prescriptions? orders given verbally or written to keep track of whats given in hospitals clinics, and doctors offices; an order for medication to be taken to an ambulatory or outpatient pharmacy
What is an auxillary label? what is a sig code? supplemantary instructions; directions for use
What is a trade name? What is a generic name? A name given to a drug my the manufacturer. A non proprietary name given to a drug by the FDA usually derived from the chemical name.
What can be found on a medication label? what can be found on a prescription label? the drug name(Trade/Generic/both), the dosage strength, the LOT or batch #, the exp date; teh patients name, the doctors name and number, the name of the drug, the dosage strength
What does NDC stand for and what does it tell us? national drug code; the product type the manufacturer, and the sixe of the container.
what is a duluent? what is reconstitution? a liquid added to a substance; the process of adding a diluent to a powder to change a medicine into liquid form.
What are signs of a fake prescription? neat handwriting, the wrong dea #, no signature.
what information can you use to identify a patient? name, drivers lisence nimber, birth date, and address,
What is the household equivalent of 5cc? 1tsp;
what is a nosocomial infection? an infection acquired in a hospital
Created by: ahegwood1