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Exam Revision

Proxy War War fought on your behalf by others
Communism State owns most industry and resources. Media censored. Working for the better good. not for profit. One political party
Capitalism Individual economic freedom. Private ownership of resources. Democratic
Treaty Versailles War guilt, lost people, land, money, military power reduced
United Nations Formed after WWII to promote international peace and security
Persecution by Nazis Jews, Gypsies, disabled, communists. Anyone who didn't in with the ideal of a German person
Domino Theory If one country fell to communism, the others would fall like dominos
Adolf Hitler German politician who the leader of the Nazi Party in WWII who came to power in 1933
UNHD International document that hold fundamental and basic human rights
Why was UNDH needed? Because of breakdown of human rights in during WWII
Mabo High Court decided that land was illegally taken from Aboriginals. Over turned terra nullius
Referendum Voting Australian vote for a change to the constitution
Stolen Generation Government policy of assimilation
Tent Embassy Permanent protest for Aboriginal civil and land rights