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Social Studies ch 2

Social Studies Ch. 2 Study Guide

location A place where something is found
mountain range a large group of mountains
continents 7 largest land areas on Earth.
globe a model of the earth
hemishpere Half of the globe when it is divided into either northern and southern halves or eastern and western halves
equator a line that circles a globe halfway between the North Pole and South Pole
map a picture that shows the location of things
nation An area of land with its own people and laws; a country
border A line on a map that shows where a state or a nation ends
map title A title that tells what a map is about
map symbol A symbol that stands for something real on Earth
map key A box on a map in which map symbols are explained; also called a map legend
distance scale A map feture use to measure the distance between two places; it tells what the distance on the map equals on the real Earth
compass rose A drawing on a map that shows the cardinal directions to help people use the map.
cardinal directions The main directions North, South, East, and West
President The title given to the leader of the U.S.A.
population The number of people living in a place
capital city A city in which government leaders meet and work
suburb a small city that is close to a city
transportation The moving of people or things from one place to another
rural Away from cities or large towns
history The story of what has happened in a place
pioneer a person who helps settle a new land
ancestor someone in a person's family, such as a great-great-grandparent, who lived a lng time ago
founder a person who starts something suchas a business or a settlement
settlement a small village built by the first people to lliv in a new place
time line a drawing that shows when and in what order events took place
sequence the order in which events take place
primary source a record made by someone who saw or took part in an event
secondary source a record made by someone who was not present at an event
What would you use to see the true shapes of Earth's ocean and contients globe
Where are the Himalaya Mountains Asia
Where is the capital of the United States Washington, D.C.
Why do people live in rural areas? to live away from cities and larger towns
Who were the firs people to live in Eagle, CO Native Americans
The population of Eagle Colorado, is greater today. Why? more businesses brought more jobs
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