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Mock Exam Questions

Questions 101-170 Chapters 5-7 Unit 2 Portion

The primary function of RBC is to carry Hemoglobin
The most abundant WBC is the Neutrophil
The fluid portion of blood is Plasma
The average adult has ______L of blood 5
The vein most commonly used for venipuncture is the Median Cubital
Veins carry blood back to the heart
Arteries carry Oxygenated blood away from the heart
The outtermost layer of the heart is the Epicardium
The contractile layer of the heart is the Myocardium
The upper receiving chamber of the heart is the Atrium
Which valve separates the right atrium and the right ventricle to prevent the backflow of blood? The right atrioventricular valve and the tricuspid valve
Semilunar valves Aortic and Pulmonary
Atrioventricular valves Mitral/bicuspid valve and Tricuspid Valve
Major Artery Aorta
Pulmonary vein carries blood to the heart from the lung
Exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide occurs in the capillaries
Anatomy is the_________of the human body structure
Physiology is the ______________ of the human body function
Renal failure is Inability of kidneys to maintain homeostasis, treatable with dialysis/transplant, life threatning
Blood in urine is called Hematuria
Loss of pituitary gland function is likely to be very serious, this gland regulates many others
Homeostasis is the state of good health (balance)
Hemostasis process by which blood vessels are repaired after injury
Formation of blood cells Hematopoiesis
Building blocks of all living things Cells
Blood cells that carry oxygen RBC
Groups of cells working together to perform the same job Tissues
Location where bones come together Joint
Which Plane is horizontal, dividing the body into top and bottom portions? Transverse Plane
Three kinds of muscle: Skeletal, smooth and Cardiac
The muscle of the circulatory system is classified as striated involuntary
What kind of muscle straightens a part of the body? Extensor
Stomach passes food into the __________________ ____________________ Small intestine
Compared to arteries, veins have Thinner walls, carry blood under lower pressure, may be closer to the surface of the skin
Substances that speed up digestion are called Enzymes
Tissue fluid is returned to the circulation through the Lymphatic system
Plasma____________% 55
Formed Elements ________________% 45
Digestion begins in the Mouth
When you exhale you rid the body of Carbon dioxide
The organs of the urinary system are the Kidneys, skin, lungs, and large intestine?? This was the answer in the back of the book
Tiny microscopic hairs called __________ are found in all of the air passages of the body cilia
The "master gland" in the endocrine system is the pituitary gland
101) PTs within a neonatal ICU/burn unit or the recovery room are in a protective environment
The most infectious health care-associated disease is HBV
An infection is the invasion and growth of a pathogen
Microorganisms that cause disease are pathogenic
Which of the following are causative agents bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and fungi
Elevation of ___________ is an indication of infection. leukocytes
RBCs are also called erythrocytes
151) The master gland of the endocrine system is the Pituitary
Is food/ drink allowed in the lab without permission? no
The phlebotomist donned gloves, gown, and goggles before performing an ABG procedure. She is still at risk for what types of exposure? Cutaneous, permucosal, percutaneous
A patient in open heart recovery has an order for an H&H (hemoglobin and hematocrit), electrolytes, glucose, and ABGs. The phlebotomist tells the nurse to collect all of the specimens through the arterial line because: blood samples will be labeled as arterial samples
While in the ER performing a venipuncture, you, the pt, and the pt's family overhear two nurses outside the room discussing the pt next to you. You should: report the breach of confidentiality to your supervisor
You are working quickly to complete your AM draws when you encounter a difficult draw on a newborn that will surely take longer. You should call down to the lab for assistance because you: need a slurry of ice to transport the temperature sensitive specimen
While performing QC on a POC instrument for glucose testing prior to testing, the phleb records a QC value for the normal control that is in range and a value for the abnormal control that is two points out of range. The appropriate course of action is to initiate trouble-shooting protocol or out-of-range controls
While processing a specimen, the phleb accidentally spills a tube of blood on the table. The phleb should disinfect with 10% bleach, allow bleach to remain in contact with contaminated area for 20 minutes, clean up visible blood first
The phleb has an order for draw on his father who is in the hospital, how should he properly identify him? ask the pt to state his name and check the requisition against the pt's armband
as you are putting away the new order of vacutainer tubes, you should position current stock so it will be used up first
Why is it important that the pt see the phleb wash his or her hands before and after draw so the pt is assured that infection control polices are being followed
ER nurse hands the phleb an ID band to put on trauma patient so they can start drawing stat labs, the phleb should: inform the nurse that he/she is not allowed to do so and request that the patient put it on
You receive an order for the following tests: Glucose, PT/INR, CBC. What is the correct order of draw, according to color PT/INR, CBC, Glucose- Lightblue, lavender, gray
You are on your last PT for AM draws and have almost depleted supply of tubes. Order is for CBC and electrolytes and you only have lavender and red tops left on your tray. What is proper course of action? draw one lavender tube for Hematology and one red top tube for Chemistry
You receive a specimen from a Dr office dated yesterday. Specimen is now 18 hours old but you don't reject it because it was a glucose test drawn in a gray top
When processing dropped off specimens, you notice there are 4 tests ordered and 2 tubes received: One lavender and one SST. The requisition is marked for CBC, RPR, BUN and creatinine. You should make aliquots from the SST tube for the RPR and BUN/Creatinine tests
After putting a tourniquet on pt develops petechiae. Check for proper application of tourniquet then continue the procedure and expect a longer clotting time at the puncture site
170) If you start a procedure and notice you forget the tourniquet you should discard the Vacutainer and needle unit and start the procedure over
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