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Chapter 13 & 12

Arterial Blood Collection & Blood Collection in Special Populations

Arterial Blood Gas Testing (ABG's) Determines the concentrations of oxygen and carbon dioxide in arterial blood and the pH of the blood.
EMLA (eutectic mixture of local anesthetics) Mixture of lidocaine and prilocaine. Must be applied 60 minutes before the draw.
Neonatal screening includes PKU and Hypothyroidism
Using lidocaine, wait _________ minutes before the draw 1-2
Geriatric changes include: Skin elasticity, thinner skin, bruising is more likely and it takes longer to replace cells so healing takes longer. *Arteries are often closer to the surface
Name special considerations for children (3 questions) Anxiety, stress, crying
Which arteries are used for a Modified Allen Test? Ulnar and Radial
Crying causes an increase in WBC's
ABG Syringe is coated with Heparin
How long do you apply pressure for after drawing ABG's (with and without blood thinners) At least 5 minutes (if the patient isn't on blood thinners), 15 minutes (if the patient is on blood thinners)
Normal Blood pH 7.35-7.45
Abnormal ABG's COPD, lung cancer, diabetic coma, shock, cardiac/respiratory therapy
Syringe/Venipuncture is not heparinized
An arterial puncture is heparinized
Arterial Puncture is cleaned with Iodine and alcohol
For ABG collection use a _____ gauge needle 21 or 22
Radial artery puncture, the angle is _______ degrees 45-60
_____________ artery is the artery of chocie Radial
In arterial blood collection, the needle should be inserted at a _________ degree angle. 45
A Modified Allen Test is performed on the ____________ and the ____________ arteries. ulnar and radial
Capillary stick Heel stick- Uses filter paper
Jaundice lab test: Bilirubin
When warming an infant's heel for a dermal puncture, the hell should be warmed for 3 to 5 minutes
Modified Allen test Radial circulation
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