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WHI Report Cat 1

World History I Reporting Category I Review

Hunter and gatherer societies lived during this era Paleolitic Era (Old Stone Age)
What were nomadic people looking for food and water (survival needs)
What are the characteristics of the Paleolithic Era? made and used fire, created simple tools, lived in small clans, developed oral language, created cave art
Era where people began to live in permanent settlements Neolithic Era (New Stone Age)
What are the characteristics of the Neolithic Era? developed agriculture, domesticated animals, used advanced tools, made pottery, developed weaving skills
What type of scientists study past cultures by looking at human remains, settlements, fossils, and artifacts? archeologists
What does radiocarbon dating do? tells how old organic (once living) materials are
Where is Stonehenge located? England
When was the construction of Stonehenge? Began in the Neolithic Era and was completed in the Bronze Age
Name 2 early cities located in the Fertile Crescent that are being studied by archaeologists. Aleppo and Jericho
What early city in Anatolia (Asia Minor) is being studied by archaeologists? Catalhoyuk
What type of religion did most early civilizations practice? polytheism
What type of religion did the Hebrews practice? monotheism
Who is the founder of Judaism? Abraham
Which Hebrew man led the Jews out of slavery in Egypt? Moses
What is the holy city for the Hebrew people? Jerusalem
What is the holy book of Judaism? Torah
What is the moral and religious code for the Jews? Ten Commandments
Term which describes the Jews being exiled (kicked out) and spread from Israel? diaspora
Which empire practiced a policy of tolerance toward conquered people? Persia
What empire developed an imperial bureaucracy? Persia
Which empire constructed a road system called the Royal Road? Persia
Which empire practiced Zoroastrianism? Persia
Which religion had a belief in two opposing forces in the universe (good vs. evil)? Zoroastrianism
This civilization had physical barriers such as the Himalayas and Hindu Kush mountains? India
What are the 2 major river systems in India? Indus and Ganges
How did the Aryans invade India? Mountain passed in the Hindu Kush mountains
What are the 2 early cities in the Indus Valley before the invasion of the Aryans? Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro
What people invaded India through the Khyber Pass? Aryans
What is the rigid (strict) social structure that influenced all social interactions and choice of occupation in India? caste system
What empire did Asoka come from? Mauryan
What empire is responsible for the spread of Buddhism, free hospitals, and good roads? Mauryan
Which Mauryan prince helped the spread of Buddhism? Asoka
What empire is considered India's golden age? Gupta
What empire developed Hinduism? Gupta
Which India Empire developed the concept of zero, medical advances, astronomy, new textiles, and literature Gupta
Which religion believes in karma and reincarnation? Hinduism
What are the sacred writings of Hinduism? Vedas and Upanishads
How was Hinduism spread? trade routes
Who was the founder of Buddhism? Siddhartha Gautama
The Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path go with which religion? Buddhism
Which trade routes facilitated trade between Asia and the Mediterranean coast? Silk Road
Which civilization contributed the civil service system, paper, silk, and porcelain? China
Which Chinese religion/philosophy believed that humans are good, believed in respecting elders, being polite, importance of education, and ancestor worship? Confucianism
Which Chinese religion/philosophy believed in humility, living a simple life, and having harmony with nature? Taoism
Which symbol in Confucianism and Taosim represents opposing forces of nature? yin and yang
Created by: elingles