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Inste D.1 Lesson 2

Define Christian discipleship A relationship between the disciples and the disciple in which the disciple grows toward maturity in Christ so that she can also disciple others. (Based on model of Christ with Hos disciples)
Like 9:23 And he said to all, "If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me."
Discipleship requires 3 things 1. Personal relationship of the disciple with the disciple. 2. Instruction in the Word of God 3. Total commitment if the disciple to Jesus Christ
The relationships developed in this course are two fold 1. Vertical relation to the Lord through daily devotion 2. Horizontal relation to your Inste group and the church
Instruction is both ____ and _____ Conceptual, experiential
Frequent contact with people who demonstrate Christian viritues in their lives is.... Vital to Christian growth
The key to effective instruction is.... The willingness of the disciple to obey the Word of God.
There are 3 steps to live completely under Christ Deny yourself, take up the cross, follow Jesus
Submission to Christ is reflected in the ______ ______ of the _____ to the leaders God has placed in the church. Voluntary submission, disciple
The unmistakable mark of the disciple is _____ between brothers and sisters. It is expressed in the character known as _________________ and the conduct known as _________________ of the believer. Love, the fruit of the spirit, the fruit of righteousness
The great commission (to ____ _____) consist of two related task: Make disciples Evangelize unbelievers and educate those who accept Christ so that they become disciplers
Baptism defined The outward sign of an inner change; it is identifying with Christ in His death and resurrection.
What is the responsibility of everyone? The great commission
We are all disciples of Christ, however our relationship within the church is that of ____ and ____. Our task is to make disciples of _____. Brothers, sisters, Christ
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