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China EOC

Invented paper and gun powder Tang dynasty
Leader of communist after long march: Mao Zedong
Slogan of boxer rebellion Destroy the foreigner
Liu Bang created what dynasty? Han
What philosophy had civil service exams Confucianism
What were civil service exams Tests to see if you were qualified to go into government
The fifth modernization Democracy
The Island Chang Kai-Shek and nationalists fled to Formosa
Manchurian man buns Queue
Manchurian dynasty Qing
Type of current government Communism
Mountains that separate China and India Himilayas
Two major desserts Gobi and Taklamakan
Major rivers Yatzhee and Huang He
First dynasty to use Confucianism Han
Explain Great Leap Forward Mao Zedong's program to urge people to make a superhuman effort to increase industrial output
Explain the cultural revolution Many innocent people were prosecuted to get rid of Anita-communism
World's largest damn Three gorges
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