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history final

im so bored

when did the middle ages start? at the fall of the roman empire in 476
how long did it last? 1,000 years
what was the beginning of the middle ages called? the dark ages
why was the crusades started? to bring Jerusalem under christian control because the muslims had denied pilgrims access to the city
how many people died in eastern europe because of the bubonic plague? almost half the population
how many asians did the bubonic plague kill? 35 million
how did the black death spread? rats traveled on the ships and transferred the disease to people and there was minimal medical care and cleanliness
when did the renaissance begin? 1450
what does the word renaissance mean? rebirth
how long did the medieval period last? ad 500 -ad 1500
around 800, what did King Charlemagne do? he reunited europe, built libraries and schools,and established law and order
what did king otto of germany do? staunched invasions of northern aggressors
what became one of the most powerful institutions in the world? the catholic church
who are the huns? feared group of people from central asia
who did the huns push onto roman territory? germanic tribes
what did the vikings have that the british didnt? boats that could maneuver easily in lakes
what started feudalism? people got frightened of the vikings so they went to lord to be protected by their knights and in return worked for the lord
what advances did the barbarians bring? stirrups for riding horses and wielding swords, framed yoke for farming, pants, barrels, wheeled plows, etc.
where was william the conqueror born? france
what did william want badly? to rule england
who did he marry and when? matilda of flanders, 1053
why did that battle of hastings start and who was in it? the people didn't like the idea of a french king, harold of wessix and william the conqueror
who won? william
the feudal pyramid royalty, barons, bishops and abbotts, dukes and earls and counts, viscounts and baliffs, knights and soldiers, merchants and commoners, villeins, serfs
keep houses the owner of the castle
barbican foreward gate
postern gate back gate
arrow-loops narrow openings in the castles towers to shoot arrows out of
portcullis main gate
gatehouse living quarters over the main gate
murder holes holes in the ceiling just after the forward gate
a knight a man on a horse
chainmail what knights at first wore
bayuex tapestry tapestry of battle of hastings
code of chivalry code stating the rules of a knight
why did the knights armor change? the cross bow was invented
how do knights put their armor on? first they start with their knees and legs, then they add the body
why did horses have to wear armor? because the long bow was invented and could shoot many arrows at once
name the sequence a kid becomes a knight at 12 he becomes a servant to a knight as a squire, when he has finished his training, he gets dubbed on his left shoulder and rewarded a shield and golden spurs
what is the sword the symbol of knight hood
what was the coat of arms? own symbols to represent the family
cuisse thigh
gauntlet hand
gorget throat
tasse short skirt
sabaton foot
churches power priests rule parishes, bishops rule priests, popes rule bishops
what was the 8 major crusades about? freeing the holy land from the invading muslims,
who was in it? muslims, and european christian knights
who suffered because of the black death? the church, people stopped believing in the church when their prayers weren't answered
where did the black death start? in asia
Created by: 9oscar9