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Q4 Last SS Cum

Monopoly Business that gains control of an entire industry by eliminating all competitors
Potato Famine Ireland poor relied on potatoes for food but after they became plauged, the Irish starved and got sick
Chinese Exclusion Act 1882 law which banned Chinese immagration
Disruptive Technology New Innovations that change life as we know it...
3 Examples of Disruptive Tech from 19th Century 1. Telephone-Alexander Gram Bell 2. Blast Furnace-Henry Bessimer 3. Ligthbulb-Thomas Edison
Causes for Italian Immigration French Wine, Political Unrest, American Citrus, Cholera Epidemic
Challenges Faced by Southern and Central European Immigrants They were discriminated and found it difficult to find work some resorting to illegal activities. Signs would say "-- need not apply"
Why SO Many Russian Jews They were being persecuted in pogroms in Russia
3 Supporters of Progressive Reform and Their Policies Upton Sinclair- "The Jungle" exposed Chicago meat packaging Jacob Riis- "How the Other Half Lives" Life in NY slums Edward Bellamy- "Looking Backward" Soc and Eco change is pos
3 Entrepreneurs of the Era and How They Made Fortunes John D Rockefeller- monopoly of oil Andrew Carnegie- best and cheapest steel J.P. Morgan- nation's top banker
Date of Rerum Novarum May 15, 1891
Usury Rapacious usury is excessively high interest on loans
Meaning of Rerum Novarum Of Revolutionary Change
Subheading of Rerum Novarum On Capitol and Labor
Role of Property in Advancing Dignity in Work The impelling reason and motive to a laborer is to obtain property. Property is what drives men to work. When that drive is taken away, he doesn't do his job or does it poorly... the obtaining of property gives man a sense of dignity
3 Considerations of the Employer for the Employee Don't mistreat workers (not servants or slaves) Respect the man and human dignity. don't give awful hours. Let employees take off holy days and Sundays and allow religion.
3 Positive Effects of Fair Wages and Ownership Property will become equitably divided, men would work much harder, men would cling to the country they come from
Queen Lilioukilani The first and only reigning Hawaiian queen
Roosevelt Corollary US claim of right to interfere in the affairs of Latin American countries
Monroe Doctrine Policy of US opposition to any European interference in the Western Hemisphere
Yellow Journalism Style of journalism that exaggerates and sensationalizes the news
Commodore Matthew Perry Went to Japan and brought them into the world
USS Maine US warship that exploded off Havana, Cuba on Feb 15,1898
Rough Riders Members of the First US Volunteer Cavalry, organized by Theodore Roosevelt during the Spanish-American War
Bonus Army WWI vets who came to Washington seeking early payment of bonuses for wartime service
Louis Armstrong Harlem Renaissance Trumpet Player who invented scat
New Deal Program created by Franklin D Roosevelt to fight the Depression
Prohibition Act Legal ban on alcohol imposed by the 18th Amendment
Dust Bowl Region including parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico in which farms were damaged by dust storms
NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People group formed in 1909 to protect the rights of African Americans
3 New Deal Programs AAA CCC PWA
Harlem Rennaissance Burst of AA culture in the 20s and 30s
2 Factors Leading to the Great Depression Stock market crash of 1929 and taking out loans that you cant pay back
Conservatism vs. Liberalism Someone who favors restricted policies in social and economic reform... Someone who favors federal gov action to bring social and economic reform
Final Solution
Blitzkreig Lightning warfare involving bombing from aircraft then advancing tanks and infantry
Leaders of WW2 England: Winston Churchill US: FDR Soviet: Joseph Stolin Spain: Francisco Franco Germany: Hitler Italy: Mussolini Japan: Hirohito
Date of Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941
Mein Kampf Hate-filled book Hitler wrote while in jail that became a best-seller
Munich Confrence Hitler's threats to seize the Ssudetenland led to the intervention of France and England at this conference
Battle of Midway In June, US and Japan met off the island Midway in the Central Pacific. US destroyed 4 bs and >250 planes. J destroyed 1 bs and =150 planes... surprise
Stalingrad Sep 1942, G attacked Russian city and russia defended well. In winter, they were unprepared and asked to retreat but were denied. G was trapped and lots died. Feb, surrendered. Turning point
Battle of the Bulge Dec, 1944 Germany led an assault pushing the Allies back in the Ardennes region of Belgium and Lux before Us defeated them... 120000 G and 80000 A
Pearl Harbor After US cut off trade with J.. they felt threatened so on Dec 7, 1941 they bombed the Hawaii naval base of Pearl Harbor. They threatened to take our entire pacific fleet to more easily take over islands
D-Day June 6 1944, 150000 allied soldiers crossed the E Channel to coast of Normandy in N France. Largest seaborn invasion in history. By end of month, 85000 allied troops in france. Cliffs, barbed wire, machine guns, bombs, and hiding soldiers
Manhattan Project Manhattan Project
3 Common Complaints of Labor Unions Hours are too long, work is too hard, wages are insufficient
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