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Quiz 1 lab ch 8,9

What is the list of draw in order? Yellow, light blue, red, red tiger, green, lavender, gray
What Is the hole of the bel VIP in the needle called? Lumen
How long do you leave a tourniquet on for? Less then 1 min
What do you do before putting on a bandage? Check the site to make sure it stops bleeding
How do you prevent getting a hematoma? The tourniquet must be removed before the needle is removed
What are the needles and what gauges are used for them? Venipuncture is a 21 gauge, butterfly is a 23 gauge, the blood bank uses 16 or 18 gauge, syringes use a 22 gauge
What is it called when you leave a tourniquet on to long for called? Hemoconcentration
What is a hematoma? Reddened swollen area where the blood collects under the skin
What do you look for when inspecting a needle? That there is no nicks or burrs, the expiration date, that it is straight no curves, that it is sharp and beveled
What does an evacuated tube mean? That the tube has a vacuum inside it
What is advancing the tube on the mark mean? Shows how far the tube is pushed in without losing the vacuum
What are the three types of specimen? Whole blood, plasma, serum
What does palpate mean? Using your index finger push up and down gently, feeling it
What do you do with a incompletely filled light blue tube? Discard the sample and get another full sample, tell the nurse it was not filled all the way
What additives go in which tube? Yellow- SPS Light blue- sodium citrate Red-none Red tiger- polymer gel Green- heparin Lavender- EDTA Gray- sodium fluoride
What do your veins, arteries and tendons feel like? Veins- spongy Tendons-are ridged Arteries-pulsate
What are anticoagulants? They prevent the blood from clotting
How long does it take for complete clotting? 30-60min depending on the clot activators
Created by: Ninaharden