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HIST 10 FINAL 2016

Mr. Stickler's HIST 10 Liberty Christian Final Exam Flashcards 2016

What does the term “Magna Carta” mean? This term means "Great Charter".
What was the purpose of writing the Magna Carta? This document limited the power of the English Monarchy, taking away the idea that monarchs had "absolute authority".
What are some of the differences between Medieval art and Renaissance art? 1.) Medieval paintings were two - dimensional while Renaissance paintings were three - dimensional; 2.) Renaissance paintings were created using proper ideas of perspective, Medieval paintings were not.
What was one (1) reason why monasteries were so important during the Medieval period? These were so important because books were often stored there, so they became "centers of learning".
What was the "Rule of Saint Benedict"? This was the name for the system of rules that St. Benedict created for monks that chose to live in his monastery.
What were the three (3) characteristics of the Italian Renaissance? 1.) Growth of a secular, urban society; 2.) Recovery from 14th century disasters such as the Black Plague & political instability; 3.) An emphasis on individual ability. (Pg. 398)
What does the term "secular" mean/ refer to? This term means "worldly". In other words, based less on religious principles and more on material wealth (i.e. things of "this world"). (Pg. 398)
What were the "Ninety-Five Theses"? This was a document written by Martin Luther in 1517 in which he attacked the idea of the sale of "indulgences". (Pg. 414)
What does the term "indulgences" mean? This term means "a release from all or part of the punishment for sin". (Pg. 414)
What does the term "Humanism" mean/ refer to? This term refers to the social movement that took place during the Renaissance that was " . . . based on the study of the classics, the literary works of Greece and Rome". (Pg. 406)
What was the "Edict of Worms"? This was a decree issued by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (5th) that banned Martin Luther's writings and labeled him a heretic and "enemy of the state".
What was the "Peace of Augsburg"? This was a decree that stated that allowed state Princes of Germany to choose either Catholicism or Lutheranism as the official religion of the territory that they ruled.
What part of mesoamerica did the Inca people live in? This tribe lived in the area around the city of Cuzco in the mountains of southern Peru. (Pg. 384)
What were the two (2) choices of lifestyle available to Inca women? 1.) Work in the home as a wife and mother to the families' children; 2.) Serve as a priestess in temples. (Pg. 385)
What did the large stone head sculptures that the Olmec sculptors carved represent? Historians believe that these represent various gods and goddesses.
List the four (4) social classes the Aztec society was divided into. 1.) Nobility; 2.) Commoners; 3.) Indentured Servants; 4.) Slaves. (Pg. 378)
Which group of people held government positions in Aztec society? People who held government positions in Aztec society came from the Nobility (i.e. the "Noble" class). (Pg. 378)
What does the term Middle Passage mean/ refer to? This term refers to "the middle portion of the triangular trade route". (Pg. 442)
List the three (3) continents that were involved in the "Triangular Trade". 1.) The American Continents; 2.) Europe; 3.) Africa. (Pg. 442)
How did the "caravel" help European explorers? This was a large sailing vessel first built by the Portuguese. It had a flatter hull, which allowed these ships to sail much closer to the rocky coasts of continents that they explored.
What does the term "encomienda" mean/ refer to? This refers a declaration by Queen Isabella of Spain that allowed "conquistadors" the right of landowners to use Native Americans as laborers. (Pg. 435)
What does the term "Huguenots" mean/ refer to? This term refers to "French Protestants influenced by John Calvin." They made up 7% of the total population of France, but 40 to 50% of the nobility came from this group. (Pg. 457)
Describe how the "Edict of Nantes" appease both Catholics and Huguenots? Catholics: Catholicism was made the state religion; Huguenots: Gained religious and political rights.
Explain what contributed to the economic and social problems of 16th century Europe. 1.) The decline of Spain & Italy; 2.) An economic downturn throughout Europe; 3.) War; 4.) Famine; 5.) Plague; 6.) Witchcraft hysteria.
Explain why Oliver Cromwell first purged Parliament and then declared a military dictatorship. He first purged Parliament to remove those who had not supported him.
Explain why Frederick the Great Elector of Prussia thought it was so important to build a large & efficient standing army. Because Prussia was a small, open territory with no natural frontiers for defense.
Describe the Western customs and practices that Peter the Great introduced to Russia. 1.) Rules of etiquette; 2.) Men shaved their beards; 3.) Women removed veils; 4.) Men and women mixed freely in society.
Summarize the mutual obligations between people and government that John Locke expressed. Government: Must protect people's rights; People: Must act reasonably toward the government.
Created by: sticklerpjpII