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Religion Final

Why is Abraham called our father in faith He responded to God's call chose to act as a believer of God's word
What is faith The theological virtue that enables to believe and accept all that God has revealed
How are we called to share in God's covenant of love By acting as his image
What are the corporal works of mercy Feed the hungry,give drink to the thirsty,clothe the naked,shelter the homeless,visit the sick,visit the imprisoned,bury the dead
priest one who offers sacrifices to God and shows love for God and others
type of Christ one person in the Old Testament who predicted Christ
polygamy the act of having more than one wife
What three religions call Abraham their father in faith Islam, Judaism, and Christianity
How long ago did Abraham live About 4,000 years ago
How have we come to know about Abraham's world Archaeologists have discovered tablets that recorded many details of his world
Where was Abraham born in the city of Ur
Did people in Abraham's world know about the one true God no, they worshiped many different gods instead
By what name was Abraham originally called and what is its meaning Abram, father
What does Abraham mean father of many nations
How did Abraham respond to God's call He showed God his faith and immediately did as he was asked
Terah,Lot,Sarah,and Melchizdek his father,his nephew,his wife,and the priest-king of Salem
what duties did the priest have at the time performed religious ceremonies and acted as a go-between for God and the people
Why is Melchizdek considered a type of Christ he offered up bread and wine
What promises did God make to Abraham to make his name great,to give him many descendants,to give he and his wife a son,to form a nation from him,and to give him the land of Canaan
What was the name of Sarah's slave girl Hagar
What was the name of Abraham and Hagar's son Ishmael
What was the name of Abraham and Sarah's son Isaac
Why was Isaac's name appropriate for the couple Isaac means laughter, and Abraham and Sarah laughed at the fact that they would have a son.
What visible sign of their faith did God ask of Abraham and his descendants circumcision for every male person
What sign of membership in God's family did Jesus give us The sacrament of Baptism
How did Abraham show hospitality toward his guests he prepared a banquet for them and he gave them food, drink, and shelter
What the way Abraham showed his loyalty to God Abraham was willing to sacrifice his only son, Isaac
Why is Isaac called a type of Christ Isaac reminds us of Christ, the wood he carried reminds us of Jesus' cross, Isaac was an only son, their sacrifice was a sign of love
What is a ziggurat a high temple tower
What sin did the people commit in building the tower of Babel pride led the people to believe that they could do great things without God and forgot Him
What were the two effects of their sin Their language was confused and they were scattered all over the Earth
Why did people in the land of Shinar want to build a ziggurat They wanted to make a name for themselves
How did God show his merciful love to the people of the land of Shinar Out of the scattered people, God formed anew nation and a new covenant of love
What are the four cardinal virtues prudence,justice,fortitude, and temperence
What is prudence The cardinal virtue that enables us to discern the good and to choose the right way to accomplish it
What is justice the cardinal virtue that enables us to be constant and firm in giving what is due to God and our neighbor
What is fortitude The cardinal virtue that enables us to be firm and to have courage to do what is good even in difficult situations
What is temperance The cardinal virtue that enables us to use moderation in all pleasure and with all created goods
Memory Verse I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth Psalm 121:1-2
deluge a flood
grace gift of God's covenant with Noah
hope The theological virtue that helps us to expect grace and eternal life from God
sacrifice an offering to God as a sign of love
Arant the mountain on which the Ark landed
rainbow a sign of God's covenant with Noah
Noah's son Japheth
ark a symbol of the church
covenant a promise of love between God and man
merciful love love that draws good out of evil
Why did the great flood occur people chose to reject God's love and they sinned
Why was Noah's family saved They chose to love God
What lesson should we learn from the story of Noah sin is always followed by a consequence
How long did the great flood occur 40 days and nights
How is the ark a symbol of the church like the ark, the Church can protect us.It can save us from the consequences of sin
What was the first thing that Noah did when he left the ark he built an altar, sacrificed to God and he thanked Him
What was the covenant that God made with Noah He promised that he would never flood the earth ever again
How is the story of Noah an example of God's merciful love God showed his merciful love by saving Noah's family
How does God show us His merciful love He forgives our sins
How should we be like Noah We should listen to God, follow the teachings of His church, and trust in God
Morning Offering O Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I offer you my prayers,works, joys, and sufferings for this day for all intentions of your Sacred Heart, in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world, for the salvation of souls,
Gen 6:8 But Noah found favor with the Lord
How many of each animal did Noah bring two
What was the ark made of gopherwood
Another of Noah's sons Ham
"Be fertile and_____ and fill the earth" multiply
What did God tell Noah to build an ark
What animal did Noah send to see if the water had lessened a dove
What symbol did God send as a sign of His covenant with Noah a rainbow
Another of Noah's sons Shem
When and where did the great flood occur around 2,000 B.C. in Mesopotamia
What consequences did Noah's family feel during the flood fear and loneliness
grace God's life
how can w receive grace through the sacraments
Created by: Amowery19
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