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Wars & Hardship Voca

World War I First true global conflict; The Great War; 1914-1918
Militarism A policy of aggressive military buildup
Nationalism Feeling of unity as a nation; love of country; patriotism
Imperialism The control of foreign lands by stronger states
Central Powers Alliance between Germany and Austria- Hungary during World War I
Trench Warfare Fighting from the trenches
Propaganda Spreading ideas to promote or harm a cause
Reparations Payment made for war damages
Bolsheviks A radical Russian socialist group that supported Vladimir Lenin
Great Depression A deep, worldwide economic slump that lasted through the 1930’s
Totalitarianism Idea that a government should have total control over the lives of its people
Fascism A political system that stresses national strength, military might, and the belief that the state is more important than the individual
World War II 1939-1945; it was the most destructive war the world had ever seen
Axis Powers Germany, Italy, Japan, and their allies during WWII
Appeasement Giving into the demands of an aggressor in the hope of preventing war
Nonaggression pact Agreement in which side promises not to attack the other
Blitzkrieg German term for “lightning war”;the German strategy for rapid assault during WWII
Holocaust The mass murder of 6 million Jews by Nazis during WWII
Genocide The deliberate extermination of an ethnic, racial, or religious group
Allied Powers Russia, France, Serbia, Great Britain, and the US during WWI Great Britain, (France), US, and Soviet Union during WWII
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