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psychiatry words 1

word list page 1

affect External emotion or the emotional response of a person to an experience
amphetamines central nervous system stimulants; can lead to physical and psychological dependence
anorexia nervosa a severe eating disorder marked by excessive dieting, due to emontional factors(e.g. anxiety. anger,fear) low self esteem
anxiety disorders mental disorders marked by troubled feelings, unpleasant tension, distress, and avoidance behavior; phobias and anxiety states
autism a preoccupation with inner thoughts resulting in wiithdrawal from the outside world. can begin to infancy and is noted by withdrawal, inability to relate to others, repetitive play, and delayed language development
behaviour therapy techniques, such as positive reinforcement, used to change behaviours(e.g. smoking, eating disorders and alcohol abuse)
bipolar disorder patient exhibits both manic and depressive episodes
bulimia psychosomayic eating disorder characterized by binge eating, followed by self-induced vomiting, purging and depression
cannabis marijuana; dried leaves and flowers of the hemp family; causes euphoria and may produce psychological and physical changes when used frequently. changes from hemp family to hemp plant
conversion disorder a condition in which physical symptoms appear as a defense against overwhelming anxiety and unconscious conflict
cyclothymia a mild form of bipolar disorder ( mania alternates with deperssion)
defense mechanism an unconscious technique a person might use to resolve or conceal conflicts and anxiety
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