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Middle Ages/Renaiss.

Covers Europe from 500-1500 CE

Charlemagne Frankish ruler who was crowned emperor by the Pope. Revived the Roman Empire temporarily.
Vikings Came from Scandinavia (Northern Europe) and attacked Western Europe during the early Middle Ages.
Angles/Saxons Invaded England.
Feudal society Organized lords, and knights [vassals] for protection.
Manorial system Land [fief] was given to lords in exchange for loyalty. Serfs did all the work.
Roman Catholic Church Most powerful institution. Preserved Greek/Roman knowledge; created new advances in science and medicine; spread Christianity and the Latin alphabet; center of social life.
The Crusades Christians lost but it improved their economy and exposed them to Muslim ideas like algebra, maps, etc.
Black Death Spread through trade routes. Led to millions of deaths but also new inventions, better treatment for serfs and weakened the Church and feudal society.
Hundred Years War United England and France as nation-states.
Common Laws Created by Henry II. Helped unite England as a nation-state.
Ferdinand and Isabella Spanish rulers who expelled Jews and Muslims in order to unite their country.
The Renaissance A re-birth of Greek and Roman culture. Classical and humanistic ideas instead of only religious ideas.
Northern Renaissance Focused on humanism and secular (non-religious) art and writing.
Causes of the Renaissance The Crusades helped Europe's economy and the printing press spread new ideas.
The Printing Press Invented by Johann Gutenberg.
Petrarch Wrote love poems that were humanistic.
Da Vinci Famous Renaissance artist. Painted the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper.
Machiavelli Renaissance author who gave rulers advice.
Pope Urban II His hate-filled speech began the Crusades.
Erasmus Northern Renaissance writer who criticized the Catholic Church.
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