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Social Studies Final

Absolute Power complete control over something or someone
Afterlife A life after death
Archaeologist A scientist who studies objects such as bones and tools to learn about past people and cultures
Archipelago A group or chain of many islands
Artisan A skilled worker who practices trade, such as jewelry making,ceramics,or sculpture;in Aztec society, artisans were the third most important class, under the royal or religious leaders and warriors
Babylon The capitol of Babylonia, a city of great wealth and luxury
Barbarian A wild and uncivilized person
Bazaar A market selling different kinds of goods
Caravan A group of traders traveling together
Caste A social class of people
Caste System A Hindu social class system that controlled every aspect of daily life
Cataract A large waterfall or steep rapids
Citadel A fortress in a city
City-State A city that has its own independent government and often controls much of the surrounding land
Civilization A society with cities, a writing system, a central government run by leaders,architecture,social classes,workers that specialize in different jobs,the arts, trade, and technology
Confucius Chinese philosopher and teacher whose beliefs greatly influenced Chinese life
Cuneiform a form of writing that uses groups of wedges and lines
Delta a triangular plain formed at the mouth of a river
Dictator A ruler who has total control over the government
Dike a protective wall that controls or holds back water
Domesticate to adapt wild plants or animals for human use
Dynasty a series of rulers from the same family
Empire many territories and people controlled by one government
Fertile rich in the substances plants need to grow well
Fertile Crescent A region in Southwest Asia where many civilizations started out
Hieroglyphics A kind of picture writing in which some pictures stand for ideas or things and others stand for sounds
History The written and other recorded events of people
Immortal someone or something that lives forever
Import to bring in goods from a foreign country
Irrigation a method of supplying land with water through a network of canals
Isthmus a narrow strip of land connecting two larger areas of land
Loess a yellow-brown soil
Migrate to move from one place to settle in another area
Monotheism The belief of one god
Muhammad The prophet and founder of Islam
Muslim a follower of Islam
Myth A traditional story that sometimes explains people's beliefs
Mummy A dead body preserved in lifelike condition
Nomad A person with no permanent home who moves from place to place in search of food, water, or pasture
Oral History accounts of the past that people pass down through word of mouth
Oral Traditions stories passed down through generations by word of mouth
Papyrus An early form of paper made from a reed-like plant found in the marshy areas of the Nile delta
Pharaoh a king of ancient Egypt
Polytheism The belief of having many gods
Prehistory the events of a period of time before writing was invented
Pyramid a huge building with four sloping triangle-shaped sides
Reign a period of rule
Savanna an area of grassland with scattered trees and bushes
Scribe in ancient civilizations, a specially trained person who knew how to read, write, and keep records
Siege the surrounding or blockading of a town or city by an army intent on capturing it
Silk a valuable cloth originally made in China from threads spun from caterpillars called silkworms
Silt a fine soil found at the bottom of rivers
Social Class a group or class that is made up of people with similar backgrounds, income, and ways of living
Song A dynasty that ruled China after the Tang
Stone Age A period of time during which people made lasting tools and weapons made of stone
Surplus more of a thing or product than is needed
Tang A dynasty that ruled China for almost 300 years
Terrorism The deliberate use of violence to achieve political goals
Textiles the woven or knitted cloths used to make clothing
Tribute a regular payment made to a powerful state or nation by a weaker one
Tyrant A ruler in ancient Greece who took power by force, with the support of the middle and working classes
Veto The rejection of any planned action or rule by a person in power
Ziggurat In ancient Sumeria, the site of the temple to the main god or goddess of a city
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