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Nutrition Review

Canada's Food Guide has 5 basic rules, name them. Enjoy a wide variety of foods.limit your intake of fats, refined sugar & alcohol.Achieve & maintain a proper bodyweight through diet & exercise.Choose low fat foods from all food groups.Each day make at least half of grain products whole grain.
Total Parenteral Nutrition would be ordered for what type of patient? Malnourished & being prepared for surgery.Receiving radiation or chemotherapy & malnourished.ComaSevere AnorexiaUlcerative ColitisTerminally ill
What 7 things affect nutritional needs? Genetics,Age,Gender,Pregnancy,Climate & Environment,Activity,illness
Proper nutrition is needed to maintain health, but how wil it help during illness? Maintain body function. Promote tissue healing. Restore the body to a healthy state
What are the building blocks of protein? Amino Acids
How many servings of grain products are recommended in a day? 5-12
How many servings of vegetables & fruits are recommended in a day? 5-10
How many servings of milk products are recommended in a day? 2-4
How many servings of meat & alternatives are recommended in a day? 2-3
What is a Nasogastric tube? N-G tubes. Through nose to stomach.
What is a Gastrostomy tube? G-tubes. Through incision into abdomen to stomach.
What is a Jejunostomy tube? J-tubes. Through abdominal wall into jejunum or small bowel.
What is a Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy tube? PEG tube. Through puncture through skin and subcutaneous tissues of the abdomen and stomach.
What is Bard Button? MIC device. Surgically implanted into the stomach.
How does age affect the metabolic rate? It begins to slow down between 20-22 years of age.
10 factors that increase metabolic rate or require increased calories? high thyroid,pregnancy,climate,increased activity,fever,trauma,anorexia,surgery,male, growth spurts in children
4 factors that decrease metabolic rate or require fewer calories? low thyroid,less active,age (elderly, old age), female
What 2 processes make up metabolism? Catabolism, Anabolism
Explain the procedure for a patient ordered fasting blood sugar or cholesterol & triglyceride testing: Patient remains NPO for 8-12 hours. Post NPO sign at the end of patients bed the night before.
Define metabolic rate and list it is determined by: The rate at which the body metabolizes food at rest. Determined by: age,genetics,gender,lifestyle,environment
Created by: Goldilocks