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Edmentum Bayoumi

Which U.S. region is most likely to experience an earthquake? West
Which characteristics best identify Northern Europe as a distinct region? islands and narrow peninsulas
Which three characteristics mentioned in the passage about the Amazon region are correct? tropical rainforest The Amazon River, which winds through the basin climate is generally hot and humid
Over the past two decades, sea levels have consistently risen on the island of Kiribati in the South Pacific. One of the most significant effects of this is increased risk of storm surges and coastal flooding in the region.
In the predominantly rural regions of Saharan West Africa, who or what primarily influences decisions about which goods to produce and how to produce them? local social patterns
Which statement best describes how advances in transportation technology in Pakistan have led to increased urbanization? Transportation advances like subways and buses make it easier for more people to live and work in cities.
Over the past several decades, nations in the Persian Gulf region have increased their dependence on the oil industry. A decline in oil prices would most likely result in an increased need for more diversified economies.
Based on the population pyramid, which statement is most likely true about the nation of Mozambique? A high death rate indicates Mozambique is a developing nation.
Which of the following best explains the population distribution of the Northeast? the availability of economic opportunities
Based on the U.S. Census Bureau's population map, which four states have a geographical location that would most likely be considered a pull factor? washington cali texas florida
Which factor could potentially lead to an increase in the population of a particular area? Immigration to the area is common.
Which consequence has resulted from the increased urbanization of China's northeastern coast? an increase in pollution due to increased car ownership
Irish immigrants settle in the Northeast. Roman Catholic populations increase.
German immigrant farmers settle in the Midwest. Large American breweries are founded.
Asian immigrants settle in California. Ethnic communities in cities become known as "Chinatowns".
Over the past century in Russia, there has been a great deal of industrialization in urban centers. Which of the following is one result of industrialization? severe overcrowding in regions west of the Ural Mountains
Which has been a significant contributing factor in the globalization of trade over the past two centuries? a decline in transportation and communication costs
Question 19 increased consumption of energy resources fewer international industrial regulations greater job outsourcing to less developed nations
Which reflects a relationship between globalized populations and growing health risks? recent outbreaks of Ebola in the central United States
Which is a cultural trait shared by both countries? The majority of the populations are of European descent.
This photograph best reflects the influence of Italian immigrant farmers in Brazil.
Which best explains the Arabic architectural style illustrated in this photograph from Spain? Islamic expansion into Spain after Muslim conquest
Which is an example of the spread of American culture? the Japanese Little League
Which challenge led to the creation of the Benelux Union in 1944? the need to move workers, capital, and goods freely within the Low Countries
Which factor has significantly influenced coalitions formed between Middle Eastern nations? the prevalence of Arab and Islamic populations
Which statement best describes the impact of changing borders in Africa created by European colonial powers? It divided groups and tribes and resulted in ongoing conflicts.
Which reason best explains why the political boundaries of Germany, Hungary, and Poland were significantly altered during the twentieth century? intervention by international organizations in response to war or political aggression
the unicameral National People's Congress of China is comprised of one political party and maintains the authority to approve policy directions, laws, budgets, and personnel changes. This is an example of a communist state.
Which example demonstrates people adapting to their environment? people in arctic climates wearing heavy fur coats
Question 32 slash and burn agriculture in the Amazon Basin the Metro Bay Tunnel in Rio de Janeiro terraced agriculture in Machu Picchu the Bento Munhoz Hydroelectric Plant on the Iguaco River
The Mississippi levee system covers over 3,000 miles along the river. Its main function is to prevent flooding in adjacent low­lying areas.
One primary effect of deforestation is the loss of habitat for millions of animal species.
What will most likely happen if global temperatures rise? The sea level will go up.
Drip irrigation is a system that allows small amounts of water to be applied directly to surface soil and root systems. Which has been a positive result of drip irrigation in Israel? Desert areas have been turned into successful agricultural regions.
Despite numerous benefits of TAPS, many opponents criticize the pipeline for disrupting native populations
Additionally, they claim that the Trans Alaska Pipeline is an environmental hazard due to oil spills .
Which is one potential threat posed by the deforestation of the Amazon region? Greenhouse gas emissions could contribute to global warming.
Which argument most accurately states an opposing argument to claims against wind energy? Wind energy produces no greenhouse gas emissions.
Which plays the most important role in causing the seasons? the tilt of the Earth's axis
Which of these climatic conditions is most affected by the way sunlight hits the Earth? hot temperatures at the Equator
Which best explains the lack of agricultural development in the Northern Great Plains before the Columbian Exchange? The harsh climate and frozen tundra prohibited large­scale farming.
Which biome covers less than 10% of the Earth's surface but accounts for more than half of the plant and animal species? tropical rainforests
Which presents one of the greatest threats to coniferous forests in Canada and southeast Alaska? a loss in biodiversity due to clearcutting by the logging industry
In which state do volcanoes play a major role in shaping the landscape? Hawaii
Which of the following is a long­term consequence of the carbon cycle? the formation of coal beds used for energy
sedimentary buckling volcanic activity tectonic movements glacial erosion soil-­building processes mountain folds islands mountain ranges fjords deltas
One of the most significant outcomes of subduction zones in the South Pacific has been the destruction caused by consequent tsunamis.
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