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week 5


What is another name for an excel document Workbook
What are the individual pages of an excel document called worksheet
What is a cell when row and a column intersect
What is the formula bar The are where you can enter a value or a formula or edit a value or formula in the active cell
What is can be displayed in a status bar Current cell mode, the page number, and the view and zoom button
Anything typed in a cell is referred to a-------- cell content
Define auto Fill Generates and extends a series of value int adjacent cells based on the values of other cells
Define Auto Complete a feature fills in the remaining characters of a word if what is typed matches an existing entry in the column
What is a fill handle A small black square in the lower right corner of a selected cell
What is a prewritten formula known as Function
What does all formulas begin with =
What does Merge&Center do within Excel a excel command that creates one cell from the selected cells and centers the contents within the new cell
What can you display to make date easier to understand rather than pages of data A chart
What are spark lines tiny charts embedded in cells that show a visual trend alongside the data
What is legend in an Excel chart A legend identifies the patterns or colors that are assigned to all the categories in the chart
What is Scaling Shrinks the width and height of the printed worksheet to fit a maximum number of pages
What is the Excel operator for multiplication *
What is the Excel operator for division /
What is the Excel operator for exponentiation ^
What symbol is used to indicate absolute cell reference $
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