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World War II

acronym for the party Hitler became associated with after service in german army N. A. Z. I.
hate-filled book by Hitler while in jail Mein Kampf
term for Hitler's plan to relieve germany of suffering by widespread genocide against jews Holocaust
Hitler's threats to seize the Sudetenland led to the intervention of France and England at this conference Munich Conference
England and France embraced this foreign policy until Hitler took all of Czechloslovakia Appeasment
The rescue of British troops at this place against the English Channel on this date Dunkirk/May 1940
German General who succeeded in capturing nearly all of North Africa before Allied forces led to the biggest retreat in history General Erwin Rommel
The Big Three Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill
german word for lightning warfare that includes heavy bombing and strafing followed by rapidly advancing infantry Blitzkreig
the systematic and deliberate extermination of an entire race Genocide
entire sections of Polish cities set aside for the temporary internment of Jews prior to deportation to concentration camps Ghetto
code name for the project which saw the development of the world's first atomic bomb Manhattan Project
jewish synogogues, restaurants, shops, and homes are destroyed in a single evening across Germany Night of Broken Glass/Krystalnacht
this mayor of vienna led a young hitler to become more deeply convicted in his anti-semetic views Karl Lueger
This religion considered the Japanese emporer, Hirohito, to be a descendant of the sun god Shinto
English Prime Minister during WWII Winston Churchill
American President from 1933-1945 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Soviet Premier during WWII Joseph Stolin
Fascist Dictator of Spain Francisco Franco
Puppet gov in south France during German occupation Vichy
Date of German unconditional surrender May 7, 1945
Date of Japanese bombing on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941
Date of Japanese unconditional surrender September 2, 1945
Hitler's military distinction from WWI Iron Cross Second Class
Hitler's failed attempt to overthrow the Weimar Republic Beerhall Putsch
In December 1944, Hitler launched an assault where Germany pushed the Allies back in the Ardennes of Belgium and Lux before US troops defeated them; 120000 German die 80000 Am die Battle of the Bulge
In June, US and Japan navies met off island of Midway in Central Pacific. US destroyed 4 J carriers and at least 250 planes. US lost one carrier and about 150 planes... surprise attack Battle of Midway
In May, US and J clashed in the Coral Sea off Australia. War planes launched from aircraft carriers fought the battle. Neither had a clear victory but US blocked J's push to Australia Coral Sea
name three important battles Battle of the Bulge, Battle of Midway, Coral Sea
After the US stopped its trade with Japan, J was feeling threatened so on Dec 7, 1941 they bombed the Hawaii naval base of Pearl Harbor... they threatened to take out our entire pacific fleet to easily take over islands Pearl Harbor
Italians had abandoned Mussolini and put up no resistance against the Allied forces. Mussolini had fled the country and the Allies easily strolled in and took over. US's March into Italy
When was V. J. Day? September 2, 1945
June 6, 1944 over 150000 allied soldiers crossed english channel to coast of normandy in north f. d-day. largest seaborn invasion in history. 850000 allied troops in f. south invaded and travel to paris. used cliffs barbed wire and hiding Invasion of France
Manhattan Project long Manhattan Project Long
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