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wh 2 semester final

The islands that Christopher Columbus explored in his voyage in 1492 later became known as the _________________.` West Indies
The voyage to Calicut by Vasco da Gama soon led to the creation of a vast trading empire for ________________. Portugal
The first Europeans to challenge Portuguese domination of Asian trade were the ________. Dutch
The first permanent European settlement in Africa was ______. Cape Town
The _________________ divided world trade and exploration rights between the Spanish and Portuguese. Line of Demarcation
The population of ______ grew slowly because the harsh winters kept many French from settling there. New France
The first leg of the _______________ brought European goods to Africa. triangular trade route
The English colonies of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Maryland were mainly set up as havens for persecuted _______________. religious groups
Widespread inflation struck Europe in the mid-1500s due to the increasing amounts of ____________ from the Americas. gold and silver
Joint stock companies allowed early European capitalists to raise large amounts of ___________. capital
In 1607, the English established their first permanent colony in the Americas at ______________. Jamestown
The _______________ set out guidleines for governing the Plymouth colony Mayflower Compact
The economic system of capitalism encourages _______ ownership of most businesses. private
After the death of his chief minister in 1661, ___________ took complete control of the government. Louis XIV
An important goal of ___________ of Spain was to defend the Catholic Reformation Philip II
As a result of the ________________ in 1648, France gained territory on its Spanish and German frontiers Peace of Westphalia
In 1598, the ________________ helped to ensure that French Protestants would not be persecuted. Edict of Nantes
A limited monarchy was created in England by the _____________________. Glorious Revolution
One effect of the ___________ was the severe depopulation of Europe. Thirty Years' War
Louis XIV appointed royal officials from the middle class to his _____ because they helped to check the power of the nobles and Church. bureaucracy
The Puritans were dissenters who sought to change ____ practices in the Church of England. Catholic
Finance minister ______________ helped to make France the wealthiest state in Europe by imposing mercantilist policies to bolster the economy. Jean Baptiste Colbert
Britain passed the _____________ to regulate colonial trade and manufacturing. Navigation Acts
The U.S. banned the sale of _____________ to Japan, and this influenced the Japanese decision to attack the U.S. iron, steel, and oil
The Nazis ____________ Germany, and this was a rejection of the Treaty of Versailles. re-armed
At the Munich Conference in 1938, the ______________ persuaded the Czechs to surrender the Sudetenland. British and French
Hitler decided to invade the _____________ because he wanted their vast natural resources. Soviet Union
German forces set up a "____________" in Vichy after conquering France. puppet state
The U.S. strategy of "___________________" in the Pacific allowed the U.S. to gradually move north toward Japan island-hopping
One of ______'s major goals in Eastern Europe after WWII was to create a buffer zone of friendly governments. Stalin
After WWII, Japan adopted a _______________. parliamentary democracy
The fact that weapons were more powerful than ever before made the ________________ terrifying. Cold War
The American strategy under ______ was to restrain the Soviets through diplomatic agreements. detente
The "_______________" was the fear of communists in the United States. Red Scare
The ______________ was the alliance dedicated to the security of communist nations in Europe during the Cold War. Warsaw Pact
After WWII, the U.S. offered assistance to war-torn European nations through the ________________. Marshall Plan
As a result of Gorbachev's ___________, shortages grew worse and prices soared. Perestroika
The _____________________ and the Cultural Revolution were social reform programs led by Mao Zedong. Great Leap Forward
The defeated Chinese _____________ fled to the island of Taiwan. Nationalists
The purpose of the _____________ talks and the START treaty was to limit the number of nuclear weapons held by the superpowers. SALT
The main goal of the National Liberation Front, or Viet Cong, was to overthrow _______________ government. South Vietnam's
After the Soviet Union split up and communism was defeated in Eastern Europe, China accelerated its embrace of ___________. communism
During the _____________, the Tet Offensive turned American public opinion against the war. Vietnam War
In 1992, the Slovaks and Czechs split _______ into separate nations because they are separate ethnic groups with their own language and traditions. Czechoslovakia
In general, the provisions of the _____________ focused mainly on punishing Germany. Treaty of Versailles
Britain joined WWI when Germany invaded _____. Belgium
The ________________ was considered a valuable ally because it controlled Russian supply routes. Ottoman Empire
VI Lenin was the leader of the _________________ in 1917 during the November Revolution. Bolsheviks
To defend their merchant ships against attacks from ______________, the Allies organized the merchant ships into convoys. German submarines
Georges Clemenceau wanted to weaken Germany at the Paris Peace Conference so that it could never again threaten _______. France
The right of ____________ to choose their own form of government was one of Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points. Eastern Europeans
Under ___________________ rule in Italy, there was a one-party dictatorship. Mussolini's
When Japan invaded ___________ in 1931, the League of Nations responded by condemning Japan's actions, but did nothing to stop it. Manchuria
In the 1920s, the U.S. became the world's leading _______. economic power
A key characteristic of ____________ in the 1920s and 1930s, was supremacy of the state. fascism
In 1935, the Nazis passed the _________, which deprived Jews of German citizenship. Nuremberg Laws
One cause of Stalin's ____________ was that he feared rival party leaders. Great Purge
A production method in which workers repeatedly perform one task in the manufacturing process is called the ___________. assembly line
A company that sells ownership shares to many ____ is a corporation. investors
The theory of ____________________ applied the idea of natural selection to the development of busiiness and society. Social Darwinism
Charles Dickens and Victor Hugo were writers of the ___________ movement. Realism
The fact that women could not _____ and were barred from most schools limited their effectiveness in the temperance movement. vote
Romanticism can be described as a revolt against the _____________'s emphasis on reason. Enlightenment
The _____________ process was a method for producing steel. Bessemer
Jose de San Martin helped ______________ win freedom from Spain. Argentina
Napoleon's occupation of ______ spurred Simon Bolivar and his followers to begin the struggle for independence. Spain
Unlike revolutions in other Latin American countries, ____'s fight for freedom was carried out by slaves. Haiti
Who introduced many social reforms in Germany because he wanted to avoid a socialist revolution? Bismarck
When Italy unified, it took a constitutional ______. monarchy
Italian unification was complete when ___________ were turned over to Victor Emmanuel by Giuseppe Garibaldi. Naples and Sicily
When the Frankfurt Assembly offered _______________________ the throne of a united German state in 1848, the ruler refused because the offer came from "the people." Frederick William IV of Prussia
The ___________ was formed to push for Indian self-rule. Indian National Congress
Who believed that opening the interior of Africa to Christianity and trade would end the slave trade? David Livingstone
Henry Stanley was hired by ____________ to explore the Congo River basin and arrange trade treaties with African leaders. King Leopold II
What country was able to remain independent because it modernized and imported European weapons? Ethiopia
Ethiopia was able to preserve its independence by defeating ______ invaders in 1896. Italian
The purpose of the _____________________ was to protect U.S. trading rights in China. Open Door Policy
The United States Constitution created a ____________, which divided power between national and state governments. federal republic
The _____________ imposed taxes on such items as newspapers and pamphlets in the American colonies Stamp Act
They system of _________________ in the United States Constitution was influenced by the ideas of Montesquieu, an Enlightenment thinker. checks and balances
Britain passed the _____________ to regulate colonial trade and manufacturing. Navigation Acts
The _____________________ marked a turning point in the American Revolution because the American victory convinced France to support the Revolution Battle of Saratoga
American leaders gathered in ___________ in 1787 to revise the Articles of Confederation. Philadelphia
The Declaration of the __________________________ was modeled on the American Declaration of Independence. Montesquieu
The ________________________ was a form of economic warfare. continental system
When the new _______________ met in 1792, the radicals created a republic. National Convention
Under the __________________, men regained complete authority over their wives Napoleonic Code
The only country that was able to remain outside Napoleon's European Empire was ________________. Great Britain
During the _____________________, trials and executions were carried out under the authority of the Committee of Public Safety Reign of Terror
Participants in the __________________ vowed to continue meeting until they were able to bring about a just constitution. Tennis Court Oath
The Russians used the scorched-earth policy to defeat _________________. Napoleon
During the _________________, people migrated from rural areas to cities. Industrial Revolution
Which group established communities where all work is shared and all property is owned in common? Utopians
The first ____________ developed in the textile industry. factories
Karl Marx despised ____________ because he believed that it created prosperity for a few and poverty for many. capitalism
One long-term result of the ______________ was a general rise in the standard of living. Industrial Revolution
Steam became an efficient power source because of improvements made by ________________. James Watt
Most early factory workers were _________ because they could be paid less than men. women
The development of ____________ enabled the growth of railroads. steam power
Napoleon's final defeat was at the Battle of _________________. Waterloo
The Declaration of the __________________________ was modeled on the American Declaration of Independence. Rights of Man and the Citizen
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