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Unit 9 world history

Terms and definitions

Since WWII, nations have developed a global economy. As a result, in 1995 the WTO was established. Trade agreements are made and upheld by its more than 140 members. It is the only global international organization to deal with rules of trade among na World trade organization
Leader of India’s independence movement; he believed in passive resistance and inspired other non- violent protest movements, such as the civil rights movement in the United States which was led by Martin Luther King, Jr. Mohandas Ghandi
The leader of Communist Party in China who created the People’s Republic of China after the Chinese Civil War in 1949. Mao Zedong
International organization established in 1945. Its purpose- securing world peace. It was founded by 51 nations following WWII and now has 192 members. United Nations
India's first prime minister, was the chief architect of domestic and foreign policies between 1947 and 1964. His daughter was Indira Gandhi Nehru
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. Its objective is to coordinate and unify petroleum policies among member nations in order to secure fair and stable prices for petroleum producers. OPEC
Leader of the Chinese Nationalists who lost to the communists. In 1949, the Nationalists fled mainland China and established their government on the island of Taiwan. Chiang Kai shek
1979- she became Prime Minister (Conservative Party) and pledged to limit social welfare, restrict union power, and end inflation. Margaret Thatcher
The United States and the Soviet Union were involved in building up their armies and weapons. Arms race
New General Secretary of the Communist Party in the USSR. He took steps to undo some of the worst features of Stalin’s era: loosened government control of literary works; put more emphasis on producing consumer goods; attempted to increase agricultura Khrushchev
Began a new era of glasnost, or openness in discussions of the Soviet problems. Perestroika- restructuring Market economy- limited free enterprise & some private property Set up elected Parliament Allowed non-Communist parties to organize Created a n Gorbachev
Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty was an agreement signed in 1972 to impose restraints on existing and future strategic systems. SALT
In the Spring of 1989, crowds of students, workers and journalists filled the area in Beijing day after day to demonstrate in favor of a democratic government in China. The demonstration ended violently when the Chinese army killed many of the demonst Tiananmen Square
In the 20th century, some African leaders believed in the dream the unity of all black Africans, regardless of national boundaries Pan Africanism
A radical communist guerilla group in Peru whose goal is to smash authority and establish a classless society. Shining Path
Since June 2007, in de facto control of the Gaza strip. Refuses to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist and is responsible for many of the deadliest suicide attacks. Hamas
One of the founders of the state of Israel. She was the first and only female Prime Minister of Israel from March 1969 – April 1974. She was convinced a strong state of Israel was the best hope for her people’s survival, but wanted peace with her Arab Golda mier
Marxist-Leninist left wing terrorist group that was active in Italy in the 1970’s and 80’s. Its aim was to force Italy to leave NATO.
An extreme group of Muslims, often referred to as fundamentalist militants. They hope to establish a pure Islamic society and therefore must drive Westerners out of the Middle East and other Islamic societies. This group was responsible for attacks on Al qaeda
One of India’s most notable & controversial leaders, she was Prime Minister of India (1966 – 77; 1980 – 84). She wanted to eradicate poverty, and take her nation into the modern world quickly. Indira Ghandi
Promoted by Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt, but other Arab leaders were suspicious of Arab unity. Pan Arabism
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