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HTI CH 5- Med Terms

HTI CH 5 Medical Terminology Review

What are the 3 main parts of a medical term? Root, Prefix, Suffix
a, an- Without/Anemia/Lack of blood
ante- Before, Forward of/Antecubital/Forward of the elbow
anti- Against/Anticoagulent/Coag preventer
brady- Slow/Bradycardia/Slow heart beat
cryo- Cold/Cryoagglutinins/Proteins that clump in the cold
echo-, exo Outside/Exogenous/Originating from outside
endo- Inside/Endoscope/Apparatus for looking inside the body
epi- On, Over/Epicardium/Outer layer of the heart
hypo- Below, Less, Decreased/Hypodermic Needle
inter- Between/Interstitial/Spaces between tissues
intra- Within/Intramuscluar Injection
macro- Large/Macrophage
neo- New/Neoplasm
para- Beside/Parathyroid Gland
pro- For, In front of/Prothrombin Tachycardia/Fast Heartbeat
hemi-, semi- Half
mono-, uni- One
deca- 10
kilo- 1000
deci- 10th
centi- 100th
milli- 1000th
micro- Millionth/Microgram
nano- Billionth/Nanogram
albi- White
cirrhosis- Tawny Yellow
cyan- Blue
erythro- Red
luck-, leuko- White
lute- Yellow
melano- Black
nigr- Black
rube- Red
-ectomy Surgical Removal
-emia Blood Condition
-itis Inflammation
-oma Tumor, Growth
-osis Condition
-pathy Disease
-penia Deficiency
-plasty Shape, Form
-plegia Paralysis
-stasis Stopping, Control
-tomy Cut
Angio Vessel
Arterio Artery
Arthro Joint
Bili Bile
Cephal Head
Derm Skin
Gastr Stomach
Heme Blood
Hepato Liver
Necro Death
Nephr Kidney
Oste Bone
Phago/Phage Eat
Pneu Breath
Pulmon Lung
Ren Kidney
Spleno Spleen
Thromb Clot
Tox Poison
Veno vein
AC Before Meals
AE Above the Elbow
AK Above the Knee
AMI Acute Myocardial Infarction
ARDS Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome
BM Bowel Movement
Bx Biopsy
Ca Calcium
CA Cancer
CC Chief Complaint
CCU Coronary Care Unit
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CHF Congestive Heart Failure
Cl Chloride
CNS Central Nervous System
CO2 Carbon Dioxide
COLD Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease
COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
CT Computed Tomography
CV Cardiovascular
DM Diabetes Mellitus
DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis
Dx Diagnosis
ENT Ear, Nose, Throat
Fe Iron
Fx Fracture
GI Gastrointestinal
HCI Hydrochloric Acid
ICU Intensive Care Unit
ID Intradermal
K Potassium
mcg Microgram
MI Myocardial Infarction
MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
NPO Nothing By Mouth
OHS Open Heart Surgery
OT Occupational Therapy
Path Pathology
PC, pc After Meals
pH Hydrogen Ion Concentration
PICU Pulmonary Intensive Care Unit
PO Orally
pp Postprandial
QNS Quantity Not Sufficient
RNA Ribonucleic Acid
SICU Surgical Intensive Care Unit
URI Upper Respiratory Infection
VA Visual Acuity
Created by: jasoneldert



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