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CMT Chapter 1

Comprehensive Medical Terminology Fifth Edition - Definitions

cardi heart
card heart
-logist one who specializes
-logy the study of
-itis inflammation
o combining vowel
-ac pertaining to
dermat skin
derm skin
-osis condition
acr extremities
hypo- under
-ic pertaining to
cardiologist specializes in the study of diseases and disorders of the heart
cardiology study of the heart
carditis inflammation of the heart
cardiac pertaining to the heart
dermatologist specializes in the study of diseases and disorders of the skin
dermatology the study of the skin
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
dermatosis any condition of the skin
acrodermatitis inflammation of the skin of the extremities
hypodermic pertaining to under the skin
cardiomyopathy any disease that affects the structure and function of the heart
my muscle
-pathy disease
myoelectric pertaining to the electrical properties of the muscle
electr electric
lymphadenopathy any disease of the lymph nodes (enlargement)
lymph lymph
aden gland
megalocardia enlargement of the heart
megal/o enlargement/enlarged
cardiomegaly enlargement of the heart
-megaly enlargement/enlarged
cardialgia pain in the heart
-algia pain
cardiocentesis surgical puncture of the heart
-centesis surgical puncture
endocardium within the heart, the inner lining of the heart
endo- within
-um structure, tissue, thing
intracardiac pertaining to within the heart
intra- within
pericardial pertaining to around the heart
peri- around
-al pertaining to
amenorrhea absence of menstruation
a- without or absence of
-rrhea drainage or flow
men menstruation
dysmenorrhea painful menstrual flow
dys- bad, difficult, painful, disordered
-pnea breathing
an- without
-algesia sensitivity to pain
apnea cessation of breathing
leukocytosis increased number of WBC
leuk/o white
cyt cell
dermatofibrosarcoma skin tumor
fibr/o connective tissue fibers
sarc connective tissue
-oma indicating a tumor
leukoerythroblastosis any anemic condition resulting from space-occupying lesions in the bone marrow
erythr/o red
blast immature cell
cyanosis bluish discoloration
cyan blueness
hypoglycemia condition of low blood sugar
hypo- low/less than normal
glyc sugar
-emia blood condition
hyperhidrosis condition of excessive sweating
hyper- excessive
hidr sweating
cardiopulmonary pertaining to the heart and lungs
-ary pertaining to
pulmon lungs
cardioarterial pertaining to the heart and the arteries
-al pertaining to
arteri arteries
hysterosalpingectomy removal of the uterus and the fallopian tubes
-ectomy removal of
hyster uterus
salping fallopian tubes
nasopharyngitis inflammation of the nose and the throat
nas nose
pharyng throat
i combining vowel
polyuria excessive urination
ur urine
poly- many
gastromegaly enlarged stomach
gastr/o stomach
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