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Skin Physi & Histi


causes of skin aging heredity, sun exposure, environment, health habits, general lifestyle
greatest impact on skin aging sun and its UV rays
80 to 85 percent of aging sun and its UV rays
effect of age on skin collagen and elastin fibers naturally weaken
UVA rays aka aging rays
UVA rays cause wrinkling and sagging
UVB rays aka burning rays
negative effect of UVB rays alter or destroy melanin and damage eyes
positive effect of UVB rays help body make vitamin D and other minerals
pollutants change surface appearance of skin and change health of underlying cells and tissues
routine washing and exfoliating helps remove buildup of pollutants
nicotine decreases circulation, eventually discolors and dulls skin
drugs decreases oxygen intake and healthy cell growth, can aggravate skin conditions
alcohol overdilates blood vessels and weakens capillary walls, results in reddening of skin and eyes; dehydrates skin causing dull and dry skin
poorly balanced diet skin disorders, fatigue, stress, depression, other diseases
vitamins aka micronutrients
vitamins no calories, no real nutritional value
vitamins needed for processing nutrients, cell processes, producing biochemicals
vitamins cannot be synthesized by the body
vitamin categories fat soluble ( A D E K ) and water soluble ( B C )
Created by: selfstudy08