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Phlebotomy Reviews

NCCT preparation

A patient's arm band has a different medical number than on your order but the name and date of birth are the same. Do you continue with the draw> No
Two questions to ask a patient to confirm that they are the correct patient are what? What is your name and Date of birth
The urinary system is responsible to filter waste
The respiratory system is responsible for oxygenating blood
Which is a smaller gauge 18 or 25? 25
lancets for infant heel sticks are smaller than 2.5 mm
Lavender top tubes have what chemical in them? EDTA
Common hematology tests are (list4) CBC, hgb, hct, differential, sickle screen, Sed rate, platelet counts
The light blue tube has what chemical in it? Citrate
The light blue tube is used for what tests? coagulation studies PT, PTT,
Red top tubes are used for what? Serum Chemistries
Red top chemistries are glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, potassium, BUN, DK liver
SST stands for Serum separator tube
SST chemistries are glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, potassium
Green top tubes have what chemical in them Heparin
Green top tubes are commonly used for which tests? ammonia, HLA types, chromosome screens
Gray top tube has what chemicals in it? sodium: oxylate and flourate
Gray top tubes are used for what tests? glucose only, GTT, blood alcohol test, lactic acid
The yellow top tube has one of two chemicals. What are they? ACD or SPS
ACD yellow top is used for what tests? Cell studies like genetics
SPS yellow top os used for what tests? blood cultures for transport
What is the usual antiseptic for venepunctures? 70% alcohol
What is the usual antiseptic for blood alcohol levels? Betadine
What is the usual cleanser for blood cultures? Chlorahexadine
If a person is allergic to shellfish (iodine) what antiseptic should be used? Chlorahexadine
If a person is allergic or on a drug sensitive to alcohol what antiseptic should be used? Betadine
What is the angle of penetration for venepuncture? 30 degrees
What is the angle of penetration for winged infusion sets? 15 degrees
What is the angle for preparing blood smear slides? 30 degrees
If a patient has an IV drip going into an arm, where do you draw blood? Below the IV or other arm.
What condition of a patient would you not draw from affected arm? Masectomy or removal of arm lymph nodes
For a finger stix blood draw why do you wipe away the first drop interstitial fluid may dilute sample
If you squeeze a finger puncture to vigorously what can happen? Interstitial fluid may dilute sample.
The function of the heart is to do what? Pump blood
The function of arteries is to do what? carry blood away from the heart
The function of veins is to do what? Carry blood to the heart.
What is the function of the pulmonary vein? Carry blood from the lungs to the heart.
What is the function of the pulmonary artery? Carry blood from the heart to the lungs.
What are the smallest blood vessels called? Capillaries
What are small veins called? Venules
What are small arteries called? Arteriols
The practice of Universal Precautions in drawing blood is to prevent disease spread to whom? The phlebotomist.
EDTA binds what to prevent clotting? Calcium
What organization is responsible for safety? OSHA
Who is responsible for safety training in the hospital setting? The employer
Heparin blocks what during a clot formation? thrombin
In patient contact, when do you wash your hands? Before and after
Citrate binds to what to prevent clotting? Calcium
Glass tubes may break in a centrifuge, why is it important to wait for the machine to stop? Prevent blood & glass aerosols.
How do you remove broken glass in a centrifuge? with gloves and forceps
The purpose of a tourniquet is to help what? locate a vein, restrict blood flow
If a vein collapses during a venapuncture, what should you do? Reduce vacuum pressure with a smaller tube or syringe.
If a patient is awake and aware refused to have their blood drawn, what should you do? Respect their wishes.
3 required attributes of a sharps container are? Puncture, spill and tamper resistant.
Burn patients have their blood drawn where? undamaged and unscarred skin
List 2 things to minimize aerosol contamination. Keep rubber stoppers on the tube and wait for centrifuge to stop.
Bleach solutions are diluted to what ratio? 1:10
Spinning a red top sample before clotting has finished causes what? Fibrin strands in the serum
What is the safe time limit for the use of a tourniquet? 1 minute
If a hematoma forms during venipuncture what must you do? Discontinue and apply pressure.
In a gray top tube what is Sodium fluoride used for? antiglycolosis
Created by: Ladybug9537
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