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Final History

Explain How The Plague Developed And How It Spread Disease Carried From Fleas. The Small And Wingless Insects Lived On The Bodies Of People And Animals
What 2 Groups Fought In The Crusades And What Were They Fighting For? Christians And Muslims Fighting For Control Of Palestine
What Were The Believes Of Humanism? Humans Actions, Works, And Ideas Were Important
What Was The Invention Created By Johann Gutenberg And How Did It Change Europe? Invented Printing Press Made So People Had Access To Books
How Did Colonization Of North America Develop? What Were Some Reasons Pilgrims Left Their Place Of Origin? Colonization Of North America Developed Because Pilgrims Wanted To Practice Their Own Religion And Wanted Their Own Opportunities
What Was The Mayflower Compact And What Did It State? Document Made By Pilgrims Set Up A Form Of Government For Their New Colony. Stated That The New Government In America Will Be A Democracy
What Was The Navigation Act? Colonists Had Ship Their Trading Goods On British Ships
What Was The Townshend Act? Tax On Common Products, Such As Paper, Paint, Glass, And Tea
What Was The Quartering Act? Colonists Had To Let British Soldiers Quarter Their Homes. Had To Provide Soldiers Place To Live Colonists Had Feed Soldiers
What Was The Stamp Act? Tax On Colonial Newspaper, Playing Cards, And Legal Documents
Describe To Me A Battle Of The Revolutionary War And How It Impacted The Final Result Battle Of Trenton
A French City Prison That Held Political Prisoners Bastille
Describe The 3 Estates During The French Revolution Clergy Made First Estate. Religious Leader Controlled 10% Land. Nobles Made Up Second Estate. Third Estate Included Variety Of Common Peoples. From Doctors, Bankers, And Even Lawyers. Bottom Were The Farmers
Why Did The French Government Need Money In 1789? French Treasury Had No Money They Had Put All Funds Towards Assisting The American Colonies Revolt Against Great Britain
What Correlations Can You Make Between Why The American Revolution Started And The French Revolution Started? Both Peoples Were Tired Of Being Taxed Without Any Return Money, Not All People Were Equal, And Neither Of The Groups Had Freedoms
Who Was Napoleon Bonaparte? Dictator In France
What Did Napoleon Dream Of Making France Into? Dreamed Of Making France Into Mighty Empire Like Ancient Rome
What Was Napoleons 1st Big Mistake? Deciding To Ruin The British Economy By Ordering Other European Countries To Stop Trading With Great Britain He Misjudged The Power Of The British navy
What Was Napoleon's 2nd Big Mistake? Invading Russia
What Tactics Did The Russian Army Use To Defeat Napoleon? The Russian Army Kept Retreating While French Army Marched Further And Further East Into Russia. When French Arrived Moscow, They Won Battle, Yet All Supplies And Homes Were Burnt Prevent The French From Using Them
What Is 1 Similarity Between The French Constitution And The American Constitution? Article 10 French Constitution:States Any Opinions Of Any Man, Including Religious Ones, Shall Not Be Disturbed Unless It Interferes With The Law. The First Amendment:“Congress Shall Make No Law Respecting The Establishment Of Religion"
Because Of Mistrust, What Did Nations Do To Lead Up To WW1? Built Larger Armies And Navies. Nations Involved Tried To Out-Gun One Another Which Led To War
Who Made Up The Triple Alliance? Germany, Austria-Hungary, And Italy
Who Made Up The Triple Entente? Great Britain, France, And Russia
What Did Serbs Living In Austria Hungary Want? Become Part Of Serbia
What Did Austria Hungary Do To Try And Improve Relations With The Serbs? What Happened? Sending The Nephew Of Emperor To Sarajevo. Nephew Was Franz Ferdinan And His Wife, Sophie. They Were Killed Riding Through The Streets
How Did This Affect The Alliance System To Lead To WW1? Blamed The Serbians, And Declared War On Serbia. Russia Said They Would Protect Serbia. Few Days Later, Germany Declared War On Russia. France Came Into The War Supporting Serbia And Great Britain Honored Its Alliance With France
How Was WW1 Fought? Trench Warfare. Both Sides Used Submarines. Also Used A Machine Gun. 1915, Poison Gas Was Introduced. Tank Was Introduced In WW1
The Germans Did 2 Things That Led To The Americans Entering WW1. What Were They? Sent Telegram To Mexico Trying Convince The Mexicans To Attack America To Keep Them Out Of The War. Also Sinking Ships From America, Neutral Country, That Were Sending Supplies To Europe
What Did The Treaty Of Versailles Do To The German Economy How? After The War, German Soldiers Returned Home And Found Little To No Work. War Destroyed Factories And People And Markets Had Nothing To Sell In Them in. The Prices Of Goods Went Up Quickly Because Of This
How Did This Lead To The Rise Of Hitler?
What Is The Term Used To Describe Hitler’s Sudden And Quick Attacks On Other Countries In Europe Blitzkrieg
Who Did Hitler Break His Alliance With And What Country Did He Invade In June Of 1941? Hitler Broke Alliance With Stalin And Invaded Russia In 1941
What Did Stalin Want The Allies To Do In Order To Create A Second Front For Germany To Fight? Stalin Wanted The Allies To Create A Second Front In France And Attack The Germans From Western Europe
What Did Allies Decide To Do First? Allies Invaded The Mediterranean Sea And Attacked Italy Before Invading France
Where Did the Allies Invade Western Europe From? Invaded Western Europe From The 5 Beaches Of France
Describe The Battle Of Bulge Battle Between The Germans And Americans. Nazis Broke Through The Allied Lines Of France But German Troops Were ill-Supplied And ill-Equipped For Continuing Battles
After The Fall Of Germany, What 4 Countries Split Up The German Territory? After The Fall Of Germany, The United States, Great Britain, France And Russia Had Control Of German Territory
What German City Was Split Into 1 Half Of Communist And 1 Half Republic Berlin
Although Germany Had Been Defeated, What Country Was America Still In A War With? Japan
What Were Some Events That Led To Japan Attacking Pearl Harbor. Japan Dependent Upon The United States For Gasoline&Iron Help With The War. US Stopped Selling These Goods To Japanese. Japan Prepared For War With US. Japanese Leaders Chose To Attack US Pacific Fleet Stationed In Pearl Harbor
What Battle Halted Japan's Advance In The Pacific? What Kind Of Battle Was It? The Battle Of Midway Halted Japan’s Advance In The Pacific. It Was A Naval Battle
America Was Having A Problem Invading Japan. Japan Was Holding Firm And Had A Never Surrender Mindset. What Did President Truman Decide To Do? President Truman Did Not Want To Invade Japan For The Outcome. It Would Be A Large Number Of American Soldiers Killed. Instead, Allowed Use Of The First Atomic Bombs To Be Dropped On Japan
What Dates Did The Americans Drop The Atomic Bomb And What City Did They Drop It? August 6, 1945, 1st Bomb Was Dropped Over Hiroshima. August 9, 1945, 2nd Bomb Dropped On Nagasaki
What Was The Holocaust? About 60 Million Soldiers And Civilians Millions of Jews And Others Were Killed In Nazi Concentration Camps. This Killing Of Innocent People
For The First Time In War History, What Unprecedented Step Did The Allies Take To Make The Nazi's Pay For Their Crimes? The Victors Of The War Prosecuted The Losing Side For Their War Crimes
Wartime Acts Of Cruelty And Brutality That Are Judged To Be Beyond The Accepted Rules Of War And Human Behavior War Crimes
What Promise Did Stalin Make That He Later Broke At The Meeting In Yalta? Promised To Hold Free Elections In The Parts Of Eastern Europe Under His Control
Define Iron Curtain The Invisible Boundary Between Western Europe And Eastern Europe After WW2
What Did The Truman's "Policy" Or "Doctrine" Call For? The United States Would Oppose Any And All Communism And Would Help Any Country That Is Having Trouble With Communism
What Did The Soviet Union Do In September Of 1949? How Did This Effect Americans? They Successfully Tested And Exploded A Nuclear Bomb. It Scared The Americans Now That They’re Not The Only Country With Atomic Bombs
What Happened In China In The Final Months Of 1949? There Was A Revolution In China, And Communism Came To Power
Who Was The New Leader Of China And What Did He Create For All People To Read? Chairman Mao Created The ‘Little Red Book’ Which Contained The Rules Of Communism
Define SuperPower A Nation That Is So Powerful That They Influence All The Countries Around The World
Define Arms Race Where Nations Compete To Build More And More Powerful Weapons
By 1967, What Nations Had Nuclear Weapons? America, Britain, France, Russia, And China Had Nuclear Weapons
What Other Competition Were The Americans And Soviets Racing Each Other? They Were Racing To Get To Space First
How Did The Launch Of Sputnik Affect Americans? Americans Became Scared Because If Russia Was Able To Launch Sputnik Then They Might Be Able To Launch Nuclear Weapons From Space
What Year Did America Land A Person On The Moon? 1969
Who Were The 1st Astronauts To Land On The Moon? Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, And Neil Armstrong Were The First Astronauts To Land On The Moon
What Was The Name Of The Capsule Or Ship On The Journey? Apollo 11
In January Of 1959, Who Came To Power In Cuba? Fidel Castro Came To Power In Cuba In 1959
In 1962, Aerial Photographs Showed What? Showed American Leaders Soviets Were Building Nuclear Missile Bases Inside Cuba. The Bases Could Be Used To Launch Missiles Against The United States
How Did The Cuban Missile Crisis End? Standoff Between The Russians And Americans
Describe A Cold War Conflict. Give Me The Who, What, When, Where, And Why Of The Conflict
A Laying Down Of Arms Armistices
The Deliberate Attempt To Wipe Out An Entire Group Genocide
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