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WHI_Lesson 2

The Ancient Middle East

Polytheism Belief and worship of more than one god.
Ziggurats Structure built in the shape of a terraced pyramid with an exterior staircase leading to a temple at the top.
Scribes Literate worker responsible for writing and/or reading documents to members of society; required a good deal of education and was most often filled by men.
Steppes Arid grassland
Monotheism Belief and worship in only one God.
Fertile Cresent the geographic region between the Tigris and Euphrates River Valleys
Mesopotamia Civilization River Valley Civilization in Southwest Asia between Tigris and Euphrates River
Hebrew Early Civilization that settled between Mediterranean Sea and Jordan River who had the written code of the Ten Commandments
Phoencians Early Civilization that settled along the Mediterranean Coast and increased trade along rivers and seas
Class Systems the way civilizations created social organizations based on economics, heredity or gender.
Judaism Monotheistic religion based on teachings of the Torah and Ten Commandment recorded by Abraham and Moses
Exile not allowing a group/person to live in thier native country ex: Hebrews
Diaspora The scattering of Jews from thier homeland in Isreal
Pictogram the earliest type of written symbols
Cuneiform the Sumerian style of ancient writing
Alphabet the Phoenician style of ancient writing
Persian Empire Empire characterized by cultural and religious tolerance, imperial bureaucracy, and the religion of Zoroastrianism.
Imperial Bureaucracy Government style of a large empire where each region of the empire is controlled by a governor who reports to the central government or King.
Zoroastrianism Persian religion that believed in two opposing forces within the universe.
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