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senses word list4

page 4

Otosclerosis Hardening of the spongy bone around the oval window of the ear, causing hearing loss.
Otoscopy Visual examination of the ear.
Photopigments Chemicals contained in rods and cones which send nerve impulses through the optic nerve to the brain.
Presbyopia Far sightedness associated with old age. Loss of elasticity of lens with age.
Retinitis Pigmentosa Chronice progressive disease of degeneration of the retina and atrophy of the optic nerve.
Retinopathy Disease of the retina.
Retinoscopy Visual examination of the retina.
Rods Senses vision in dim light.
Sclera The white of the eye, composed of a tough, fibrous tissue which serves as a protective shield for the more sensitive structures underneath.
Sclerostomy Creation of a new opening in the sclera.
Semicircular Canals One of the three structures of the inner ear, responsible for balance.
ST Esotropia( Turning inward of the eyes)
Strabismus Abnormal positioning of the eyes so they deviate in different directions. One eye out of synchrony.
Stapes One of the three bones of the middle ear; shaped like stirrups. Transmits vibration from incus to the window.
Sty(e) A localized circumscribed inflammation of the sebaceous gland of the eyelid. Also called a hordeolum.
Trachoma A chronic contagious form of conjunctivitis.
Vestibule A chamber that joins the cochlea and semicircular canals
REM Rapid eye movement.
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