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The Renaissance

The Crusades increased the demand for _____________________ products such as spices and perfume. MIDDLE EASTERN
The stimulated production of goods to trade in the Mid East encouraged the use of credit and ... BANKING
The church did not like the merchants' use of ________, or loaning money and collecting interest on the loan. USURY
Disagreements over the practice of usury, helped secularize northern... ITALY
Letters of credit expanded the supply of money, new accounting and bookkeeping practices were introduced such as the use of ______________ numerals. ARABIC
The Italian cities of Florence, Venice and Genoa served as centers of ... TRADE
The top merchant patrons in Florence were the _____________ MEDICIS
The Italian cities of Florence, Venice were initially independent ______________ goverened as republics. CITY-STATES
Machiavelli authored the book called, THE PRINCE
The book, THE PRINCE, supports absolute power of the ruler, was an early modern treatise on government, and advises one should be able to do _____________ when necessary. EVIL
Medieval art and literature focused on the __________ and salvation CHURCH
Renaissance art and literature focused more on individuals and ... WORLDLY MATTERS
Leonardo Da Vinci created the paintings called... THE LAST SUPPER/MONA LISA
The artist, Michelangelo carved the statue of ___________ and painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. DAVID
What celebrated the individual? HUMANISM
Humanism stimulated the study of classical Greek and Roman culture and was supported by wealthy... PATRONS
Growing wealth in Northern Europe supported ... THE NORTHERN RENAISSANCE
Northern Renaissance thinkers merged ideas with those of Humanism and ... CHRISTIANITY
Gutenberg created movable type ______________ and helped spread ideas such as the Gutenberg Bible. PRINTING PRESS
Erasmus, the Renaissance humanist, wrote the book_____________________ in 1511AD THE PRAISE OF FOLLY
Erasmus was interested in translating the Bible into the _______________, or the language spoken by the common people in any given area. VERNACULAR
The bookUTOPIA was written in 1516 by ________________ and described his vision of a perfect society. SIR THOMAS MORE
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