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The main trade route from Asia to the Mediterranean Sea is... THE SILK ROAD
Maritime routes existed across the ___________ Ocean and brought spices, cotton, and sugarcane to Africa and Europe. INDIAN
Trans-Saharan routes existed across... NORTH AFRICA (SAHARA DESERT)
Trade existed in N. Europe with the Black Sea, and in Asia with the lands around the South __________ Sea. CHINA
__________ was a highly prized mineral found in Africa. It was coveted for its rarity and beauty. GOLD
__________ was abundant in Africa and used for food preservation. SALT
_____________ to season food were from the Indian Ocean region SPICES
__________ was a special kind of pottery made in China. PORCELAIN
Textiles came from everywhere, while Amber came from the _____________ region. BALTIC
___________________ made from wood pulp originated in China. PAPER
Sugar crops came from.. INDIA
Waterwheels and ___________ came from Africa and the Middle East. WINDMILLS
The magnetic compass originated in ___________ and aided sailors with navigation. CHINA
Buddhism spread from China to Korea and ______________ JAPAN
Hinduism and Buddhism came from ______________ and moved to SE Asia INDIA
Islam went into West Africa as well as Central and South East ____________ ASIA
Printing and paper _____________ came from China. MONEY
Japan has four main islands located on the not flat but, ______________ archipelago MOUNTAINOUS
The Japanese call the body of water to their west, the Sea of Japan, but the Chinese call it the... EAST SEA
Japan is very close to both China and _______________ KOREA
Chinese influence on Japanese culture took the form of writing, ___________ and Buddhism. ARCHITECTURE
_________________ was an ethnic religion, unique to Japan SHINTO
Shintoism focuses on forces of ___________, natural features and ancestors. NATURE
Shinto was a ___________ religion that mandated worship of the emperor and coexisted with Buddhism. STATE
Axum was a _________________ kingdom located to the East of the Nile River on the Ethiopian Highlands CHRISTIAN
The Zambezi River was to the North and the Limpopo to the South, and the Indian Ocean to the East of ______________ ZIMBABWE
The Capital of Zimbabwe was called ... GREAT ZIMBABWE
Ghana was the first empire to have ________________ as its center of trade and learning. TIMBUKTU
Mali was known for its ___________ trade. GOLD
The Songhai was the largest of the three empires that existed along the ___________ River. NIGER
A belief (in West African Kingdoms) that every living thing has a soul was called... ANIMISM
The African Kingdom of ________________ was home to Mansa Musa, one of the richest people in history. MALI
West African Kingdoms traded in _______________ and ______________. GOLD and SALT
Arab traders travelling the Trans-Saharan trade routes brought _________________ to West Africa. ISLAM
Mansa Musa became famous thanks to his pilgrimage to ______________ where he handed out gold. MECCA
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